Any way to stop an extension from being disabled?

  • I have an older one that's long since been kicked out of the Store. For a long time, it stayed enabled despite that, then gradually I'd find it disabled every so often, but not often enough to be a big problem.

    Now it doesn't go a day without being toggled off, though it's unclear to me what intelligence is controlling that.

    I tried enabling developer mode and loading it from disk, but even that doesn't help.

    There did used to be a trick that you could do with a group policy where you would supply a particular policy (a whitelist) with the given extension's ID#, but that reportedly stopped working some years back.

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    @rseiler If it was kicked off the store for breaking policies, be very careful that it is not a security risk.

    The best way would be to load it in developer mode. I don't know why that wouldn't be working. If you're loading the extension files from the profile folder, try loading the actual source files (if they're available). And do so from a non-profile-folder location.

  • @LonM Thanks, information on this subject isn't exactly plentiful.

    Are you saying for sure that any extension loaded in dev mode shouldn't have this problem, even if the extension is one previously from the Store (as opposed to an extension they don't know about)?

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    @rseiler developer mode shouldn't be affected by the chrome store. If it is, then that might be a bug, or there might be some other side effect - maybe the safe browsing settings might be checking extensions.

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