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  • Hello! I want to use the Vivaldi email client as find it convenient, but i want to keep my old email adress, is there a way to merge them or just change the Vivaldi one? Please any help would be appreciated! /Drexxl

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    There is no Vivaldi email client yet. If there were, you obviously could use any email address on it you wanted to. Email client, integrated into the Vivaldi browser, will be released as soon as it is ready.

    There IS Vivaldi webmail, but as far as I know you can only use Vivaldi-domain email addresses on it. Unlike, say, GMail, it cannot as far as I know fetch your POP3 mail from other domains' servers and serve it to you via the GMail interface, nor can it send mail using a return address which originates in another domain (a fictitious address, which you can set GMail to use as return address, if you have already set up GMail to fetch mail from that other server.

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