Focus Panel hotkey for History no longer works in latest snap

  • I have remapped F1 to the Focus Panel hotkey. Since the last snapshot this no longer works for the History panel.

    Reported as: VB-62216

    Can anyone confirm?

  • @Pathduck No problem on Windows if I delete F1 = Help

  • @Pesala Strange. I have mapped Shift-F1 to Help so that shouldn't be it.

    Did you try with the panel open? Because if it's closed it works. It needs to be open, then Focus Panel fails. I should've been clearer on that 😕

  • @Pathduck I confused it with the "Panel" shortcut, not focus panel, which I have never used.

    "Focus Panel" works intermittently, i.e. it works the second time to focus the panel after the first use opens the panel.

    Something buggy there but more testing needed to get a reliable recipe.

  • @Pesala For me it works every time if panel is already closed and I press F4 to toggle panels or F1 to focus. But with panel open, it does not. So I can't move focus to panel from page.

    There are workarounds, like pressing F4 twice to refocus or Shift-Tab so no major harm, but annoying. I've reported it so hopefully they'll figure it out by next snap.

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