Viewing pdf with third party-app?

  • Hi, sorry if this has been addressed multiple times but I could not find any information: is it possible to automatically view pdf files with an external application? I would love to be able to just click on the link to a pdf file and have it open with xpdf, without any intermadiate step. Other than that I'm a relatively new user and quite satisfied by the way vivaldi fares compared to other browsers. :)

  • Welcome!
    Go to: vivaldi://plugins
    Disable both pdf plugins

    Now go somewhere to find a pdf.
    You can choose to save the pdf or open it.
    Select "open" and you're done

    (ps: it will open the pdf with your default pdf program. If you didn't, set as default pdf viewer the program you want to read pdfs with. ex: adobe reader, evince, etc)

  • Thanks a lot for the answer!

    This is nice but still quite not what I would like, which is that the file would open without asking for confirmation (which many browsers allow). But still it's an improvement! :)

  • Idk if you can tweak that, sorry

  • Don't apologize and thanks for your time! ;)

  • I would also like to be able to tell Vivaldi to open the PDF directly in my third-party app (in my case that is Adobe Acrobat Professional). That is how it works in Firefox.

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    Which Linux do you have?

    Normaly in Linux's Systemsettings you cant set a program for a File type association for application/pdf
    I thought you can set Adobe Acrobat Pro as default viewer its settings for Linux.

    And you have to diaable the Chrome PDF Viewer plugin in Vivaldi.
    Open chrome://plugins
    At "Chromium PDF Viewer " select Deactivate

    After this every PDF is downloaded an opend in your external PDF-Viewer.

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    !!! To open PDFs in external app In newer Vivaldi versions !!!
    Open Vivaldi Settings → webpages
    Goto section Plugins
    Deactivate Enable Internal PDF viewer

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