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    Do you want your screenshots to show more than what’s on your screen? Here we show you how to take full page screenshots on your computer and mobile in two seconds (no extensions required).

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  • Used this a few times - to keep a record of some news stories featuring a relative (desktop) and to keep records of flight bookings/passes in case they didn't get mailed (Android).

  • The blog post mentioned upload to Slack; is there a method coming that will allow direct uploads to services, such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google, etc.? Both browser extensions, Nimbus Capture and Fireshot, that I use in addition to the built-in version have those capabilities. Not sure about the others in the marketplace.

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    Very cool tool, and so glad to see it built in to Vivaldi.

    I do wonder how it works works with endless scrolling pages like Facebook and others? Sometimes I want to take a screenshot of a conversation, but how far will this capture tool actually go on a page that never stops?

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    @JoelYoung It will only go as far as the page is currently rendered. If its infinitely scrolling, you'll need to manually scroll as long as you need first.

  • This is ones of the Vivaldi's feautures I like to use usually. I use it to share pics or information with others. I usually use it by Capture a Selection to the Clipboard and then sharing it. It's faster than the Windows built-in tool.

  • Being rather dense, perhaps, I fail to see the benefit of this facility, neat though it is, when compared with a simple Ctl+S resulting in an mhtml file. Can someone enlighten me, please?

  • @LakeInHolland When you do research for work and want to share your findings (via mail, chat etc.) there is no quicker way than having a screenshot at hand. Of course you could share the link as well but when using the internal PDF reader you are set to go with that function.

  • You cannot make full page screenshots, you can make screenshots with a maximum height of 30000px. Reported month ago but never changed 😒

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    @6HRFcBhv This should be simple to fix, but there would still be a limit of 64K pixels for JPG images.

    See this post. The feature request is old, but has very few votes.

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    @6HRFcBhv It has to be limited to prevent a runaway nonstop process on endless-scroll pages.

    It used to be much more limited. One could always make a feature request to increase the limit.

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    @Ayespy As noted in my reply above, this post already makes that feature request.

  • @Ayespy It should be possible to capture the whole page, e.g. by allowing to make consecutive screenshots each capturing the next 30000px.

  • This is really helpful but the Full Page Capture stopped working on some websites that I use at work -- it used to work on all websites I'm using. Instead of capturing the whole page, it just captures the visible area--similar to when you use Print Screen. I need to screenshot the whole web page when doing my reports and this tool was really helpful at first but I now have to use a 3rd party app (FastStone Capture) on some websites just to screenshot the whole page. Will this be fixed? Is there an easy fix?

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    @VainAvocado Some sites may not load content until visitors scroll down. Try scrolling down to the bottom first before taking the screenshot, e.g. a YouTube video comments section.

    If that does not work, post links to a couple of sites that don't need one to login. FastStone Capture is good, I use it myself, but it is a lot slower for taking full page screenshots, and includes the Vivaldi GUI

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