Missing History

  • I just noticed this today so I'm not sure when it happened but it appears it happened today.

    In my history tab all history from April 30 2019 until Jan 7, 2020 has been deleted, I always save my history.

    I'm not sure what happened but since the last update snapshot has been behaving erratically, like when I first start the browser for the day the bookmark tab contents are all minimized and are invisible until I click on one and then they come back, the words next to the bookmark title that said the bookmarks need to be updated went away.

    These are the ones I can remember.

    Snapshot still works so I guess I'm just notifying the forum of whats happening.

  • @troypulk said in Missing History:

    all history from April 30 2019 until Jan 7, 2020 has been deleted,

    To clarify, are you saying that history prior to April 30 2019 is still present?
    Have you checked that the history view is set to "All History"?
    Do you have sync activated?

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    Ctrl+12 >> Privacy → Save Browsing History
    Mine is set to one month.

  • For me, the last several versions of Vivaldi have "lost" history (open windows) more often than not after closing and restarting it. Vivaldi has become completely unreliable in that regad.


    This is one of the glitches of the latest update.

    All of my history has returned.

    I'll post again if my history disappears again.

  • My history is missing again.

    From Aug 30 2019 to Jan 9th 2020, but a reboot brought them back.

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    @troypulk said in Missing History:

    My history is missing again.

    Please, report a bug.

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