How to choose a browser in 2020

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    @ukanuk , exactly, it makes sense that technology and especially computing advances in giant steps (see Quantum computer from Google and MS) and it also changes in the future browser technology, but at the moment Chromium is the best choice for quite some more time.

  • @ukanuk @Catweazle This is the best choice for the browser for 2020, so the new Edge is the best choice. It's fast, synchronized between devices (including the page uploads I missed in vivaldi), a powerful mobile browser, security, speed of development and a very fast response to errors. Vivaldi at the moment doesn't offer such a strong competition against the edge apart from personalization (which in my opinion has stopped recently) and the microsoft itself very well that it has switched to a new engine because your fears that it will be a better browser as they will now hurt the whole Vivaldi team and @Jon itself.


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    @MattSolo45 said in How to choose a browser in 2020:

    so the new Edge is the best choice

    New Edge does not run on Linux or Mac.
    You should have written: "new Edge is the best choice for Windows addicts"

  • @Gwen-Dragon It will be on Mac and Linux. I guess you're under-informed. So it's the best choice for any platform.

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    @MattSolo45 Oh, on all OS? Then i have a lack of information. I apologize.

  • @Gwen-Dragon said in How to choose a browser in 2020:

    Oh, on all OS? Then i have a lack of information. I apologize.

    You have nothing to apologize for.

  • I'm trying it on Mac and Windows already have it installed on Android and iOS. But actually there's no Linux version yet.
    Comes in very snappy and intuitive, seems much lighter than Chrome, but I'm not in Microsoft products, actually. I prefer Google Drive over OneDrive and Gmail over LibreOffice over MSOffice. See, if it's still a worthy contender then.
    Still I like Vivaldi but it's always a good thing to try something new for all its worth.

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    OFF topic :@HealingCross , Google's problem is not the unquestionable quality of its products, many of them without a real alternative, but the stunts that the user has to absolve to protect privacy as much as possible, using them.
    In Windows, the problem is minor, due to the huge number of excellent OpenSource alternatives available to its applications. In fact there are more Open Source products for Windows than for Linux, even developed by MS itself

    Regarding browsers, there is no problem of having one or more other browsers, apart from Vivaldi, there are more than fifty to choose from and they can be useful for specific tasks or as a reservation in case there is a Vivaldi crash/bug/incompatibility.

  • @Catweazle Right. There's a lot more that distinguishes Vivaldi from Chrome than the new Edge, which as I see it, was made predominantly to lure user from Google services into Microsoft ones.
    But at least, the new Edge seems way lighter on ressources than and has a clean interface. Which would also be an advantage.

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    @HealingCross , I think it was necessary for MS to change browser technology, so as not to be relegated to a simple tool to download a browser. The passage to Chromium was logical and, as I said, I think that others will also do it sooner or later. If it is for system resources, ok, I think Vivaldi is also in a good place at this point, although with the current capabilities of the PCs in the background is more relevant the functionality that offer a browser. It is there where there are the real differences.

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    @HealingCross said in How to choose a browser in 2020:

    ... The new Edge seems way lighter on ressources

    While a clean install of Vivaldi may actually use more resources than a clean install of Edge, I think the main reason it uses more on my system is because I use Vivaldi for everything, and Edge for barely anything. I get vastly superior functionality with Vivaldi, so I don't mind the extra few seconds to launch. It's a bit like opening Adobe Photoshop versus Microsoft Paint - of course the program with greater functionality will be slower in some scenarios. The beefier software is slower to start but faster in the long run because it includes tools to work way smarter.

    In Edge, I open tabs and that's about it. In Vivaldi, I have 3x web panels, 3x pinned tabs, several tab stacks with 4-20 tabs in each, an ad partial block extension (it still allows non-invasive ads), and the Vimium extension for a few keyboard shortcuts which Vivaldi still hasn't implemented.

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    This should be the criterion, it does not help me if a browser opens a tenth of a second faster, if apart from this it lacks any function that allows me to work more efficiently and faster with the browser. Nor do I care so much if I might have some more demands on the system, at least if it is not a very old PC with little memory.

  • @Catweazle Yeah, and if anybody makes its own version of a chromium browser, they will only differ in features or in different user-cases. Anyway, that's actually where Vivaldi may stand out against the others, especially if people are more interested in using the features than being locked into a system of services by a giant tech company.
    That said, I really rely on Gmail and Google Drive and won't say that MS's offerings are on the same level of value for me. At least they don't offer me something tempting that would make it worth make the change. For me Google Services work quite good in Vivaldi.

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