Multi-row / multi-columns for Tabs

  • One important reason for the use of the Opera has been able to use multiple columns for tabs. Now go down the tab off the screen - it is not convenient to pass on new tabs, and disappear "Garbage" and "New Tab". I use "Tabs on right side". Do you plan to emergence of such an important opportunity?

  • You can achieve this with some custom CSS.

    See this post.

  • Yes, I tryed some variants like this earlier.
    1. In 2-3 columns all tabs goes like "left, center, right, only after this - next row and etc" - like inline block, not like in Opera - from top to bottom in first column, and after next column from top to bottom.
    2. With regular snapshots of Vivaldi - its hard to changing CSS each time. I need this option INTO Vivaldi, not like MOD.
    Thank you

  • If this feature is something you cannot live without in a web browser, then custom CSS is the only solution in Vivaldi for the moment. To my knowledge, tab columns isn't a heavily requested feature, and it's likely that the devs will get around to implementing more popular features and polishing existing features before they get around to less popular features like this one. That's not to say it will never be added, but it's not there presently, and it might be a long while before it is. If waiting for the devs to implement the feature and using CSS in the mean time is too much effort for you, then just keep using your preferred browser until the feature is added.

    You're welcome.

  • .. ok… is antything changed since then? Multirow tabs still not available?

    Custom CSS can do mutli columns tabs or mutlirow as well? If so can you describe how to do it?

  • i like much that feature in o12 i hope see it in Vivaldi too soon

  • I like how customization topic is growing :D
    Would be nice in future to have a section for load these user customization scripts on fly ^^

  • i like much that feature in o12 i hope see it in Vivaldi too soon

    Me too! The multi column vertical tabs is one of the main reason I still use Opera v12.

    Multiple tab columns is the last missing bit for me to switch to Vivaldi completly. Currently the handling of a lot of tabs (where multiple columns/rows would kick in) is not there yet compared to what Opera v12 managed to do.

    Vivaldi starts scrolling the tab area if middle mouse button is used to close tabs.
    Tabs scroll up for no reason if you leave fullscreen mode etc.. I opened tickets for these, of course! o)

  • Read a lot. Learned nothing.
    If CSS is the way to go, would someone PLEASE explain how to do it or give some clues.
    Do I have to edit 216722 B sized unformatted text file to achieve it?
    What part of it?
    My text editor, Kate, even can't open common.css in edit mode, says:"The longest of those lines was 216772 characters long" and it is "longer than the Line Length Limit".
    Another solution would be to sell some home appliances and buy 32" monitor.
    Any recommendations?

  • @DailViv:

    Any recommendations?

    • Open fewer tabs. Twenty is plenty: (57% of users open 20 or fewer, 70% open 30 tabs or fewer).
    • Use sessions
    • Use tab stacks
    • Open new windows for new projects

    It's definitely not worth the effort of learning how to edit CSS. Tab rows/columns may come one day, but you might be waiting for a long time. Maybe there are extensions that can help, but I haven't tried them as I only ever open a few tabs. My biggest session is just seven tabs.

  • +1 for multirow tabs
    And I would like additional options for vertical tabs (placed right/left):

    • multicolumns (two at least)
    • list move "+" button for new tab to the top (don't see any option to move it vertically, or to "first" position)
    • set size of thumbnail and favicons
    • do not colapse pinned tabs
    • wider panel (looks like it's restrictd to some width)
    • customize color and font of tabs in background - i really don't like that tab header use the "background" color but not the "accent" color - so when i want some darker all becomes darker (even options backgroud!!!)

  • +100 from me. I don't understand why creators of moderns browsers think that ultra thin tabs without text (when there are more than 30 tabs) are handy to use. Scrollable tabs are not much better either. Multirow tabs is an essential feature of a browser. And according to this topic not so few users want it.

    I also double this request: "do not colapse pinned tabs"

  • @svsh said in Multi-row / multi-columns for Tabs:

    I don't understand why creators of modern browsers think that ultra thin tabs without text (when there are more than 30 tabs) are handy to use.

    I don't understand why users of modern browsers think that opening more then 30 tabs in one window is handy to use, unless they make use of tab-stacking.

    I searched the Feature Requests thread topic, but could not find this feature request there at all. Tree Style Tabs and Tab Scrolling like Firefox have been requested. I am sure there are a few requests in older threads. This one for 1.11 has just 5 votes, so I think it is less popular than you imagine.

  • @svsh If you think a feature is useful and missing in Vivaldi, please make a request.

    How to make a feature request for Vivaldi
    If you think your problem can be solved by a missing feature, please add a request at in the corresponding thread for your browser version.
    Add one line in bold as a short title for the feature and 2-3 lines to describe the wanted feature.

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