New Zealand users?

  • [b]Vivaldi in New Zealand[/b] I discovered Vivaldi yesterday and so far I really enjoy it and I would recommend to all my friends and family. I find Vivaldi way better than Google Chrome because of the amazing User Interface, Design, Features that Vivaldi has to provide in the Technical Preview. 🙂 I would enjoy Vivaldi even more if there will be an App for this on Android and iOS. 🙂 :cheer: 😉 :silly:

  • Welcome to the forum!

    Don't forget it's still an alpha, your friends and family could be bothered by bugs!
    I can't recommend anything to my family since they all use Firefox :sadface:

  • hi from another fellow New Zealander 🙂

    as a long time user of opera (since version 8.0 back in 2005) I'm happy to have found this fork called vivaldi that feels just as epic as my first time on opera 8 was, which is quite a feat considering my first time on chrome felt lackluster

    no crashes so far, in the same period of time chrome and firefox would of crashed at least once

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