Vivaldi Snapshot is out with fixes to Zoom and Rewind

  • Vivaldi Team

    Hi y'all! A small update to bring you the latest improvements since Thursday with fixes to Rewind and zooming and further work on the tab cycler. //Christian Dysthe - Vivaldi Technologies - Stay tuned!

  • Hey there 😃 some feedback here, using 64 bit RPM under Fedora 22:

    • Did anything change with flash detection or user agent of the browser? 2 versions ago most of the sites which have an HTML5 and a flash video player could detect Vivaldi has flash disabled and show the proper HTML5 video player, but using the latest and the previous snapshot the same sites are not recognizing the browser properly and instead of the HTML5 video player I get the banner to get flash to play the videos.
    • Sometimes when I open a link in a new tab, the page won't load at all (white screen instead of the webpage) or will load partially and stop; using F5 won't load the site and the only solution is to open a new tab with the link for the page to load.
    • Sometimes a tab I'm not using currently will freeze and you're unable to access the tab (see the screenshot, flickr shows the same color of the current selected tab, but you can't close it or select it) and it won't be available until you restart Vivaldi
    • Some sites using certificates (like take a lot to load the first time
    • Some Chrome extensions don't work properly (I know this is under construction, just reporting) like lastpass.

    Good thing is there have been improvements, now Mega and other sites work properly 🙂

    Let me know if you need any additional information, keep up the good work, cheers!

  • Got to add something here… the only trouble I've had with the latest snapshot is the sudden disappearance of Speed Dial thumbnails. Now they are just blank (actually black). Links still work fine, but... :S

  • BTW, I should add that a new incarnation of IcedTea just slithered down the Interwebs tubes today, as an update to my Mageia 5 installation, if that's relevant… :silly:

  • Same tab-freezing issue here, with, and as far as I can tell its just the Flickr tabs.. no others that Ive noticed. They work fine if you open a new tab and visit flickr.. but if you leave the tab open and revisit it later.. stuck. This was fine 2 snapshots ago 😞


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