Vivaldi unusable on Ubuntu 19.10

  • processor Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E6750 @ 2.66GHz 8GiB System Memory
    Vivaldi ver. 2.10.1745.23
    YouTube takes a very long time to load.
    Mouse fails to scroll.
    Highlighting text and search causes browser to lock up for several minutes.
    The last two problems have been evident for months.

    Disabled all extensions.
    Turned sync off.
    Cleared all history ,cache etc.
    Completely deleted Vivaldi and reinstalled.
    Nothing has made any improvement.

    Now back on Firefox until some improvement in Vivaldi is seen.

  • I'm sure this is a problem connected to Vivaldi's Chrome base. Chromium is showing the same symptoms since its upgrade to the latest version (79). And I've tried it on a number of OS in virtualbox, from Mint to Manjaro and back. Let's hope the Chrome people work out what's gone wrong, and fix it soon. Firefox in my experience just isn't as good a browser as it used to be.

  • Probably the same problem like this one (german), if you use internal graphics of the cpu with the i915 driver. In short: the internal graphics card does not support hardware acceleration for 2D (see the output of vivaldi://gpu). No hardware acceleration means rendering will run in software, which makes it very slow (and breaks the GUI in vivaldi).

  • @opaq Well that german thread, from what I can gather, is telling people they need to get an extra graphics card to be able to use the latest version of Vivaldi. That's crazy! The 2.9xxx versions and all the ones before that worked flawlessly (I'm actually writing this using 2.9.1705.41, no problems at all). Are they suggesting that the latest upgrade includes changes so fundamental that internal graphics units won't work with it? Surely not!

    That German thread also suggests that the latest chromium would perform much better. Well guess what - it doesn't. So not sure what to make of all that...

  • @sobermadman why do you hijack this thread with your problem? Why do you conclude that your problem is the same one the OP has? And: now that you came up with the information that version 2.9 works for you, who said that's the case for the OP or for the other thread?

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    @sobermadman You already have a own thread at about your special graphics driver issue.

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    @PaulGir Over the years Intel GPU drivers are known as unstable and lagging.
    And older GPUs may be blacklisted for some features.
    May be you could add some Intel firmware if in non-free/partner repo to fix it.

    Officially unsupported flags: Open Vivaldi flags page chrome://flags/#ignore-gpu-blacklist , set to Enabled, Restart Vivaldi will override you driver issue.

  • @Gwen-Dragon I am fully aware that I already have a thread on this subject. Does that mean I am not permitted to respond to other people? Especially when in this case, the person starting this thread informed of the fact by posting in mine?

    Besides, as far as I can tell, this is not necessarily a problem connected to "my special graphics driver issue", at any rate, nobody has so far been able to show this to be the case. Various forums indicate that the problem affects people with intel and AMD internal graphics as well as people with separate graphics cards.

    Tbh, I don't find your input particularly helpful. It might be more constructive if you addressed the issues raised, assuming you have information the rest of us are looking for. Thanks.

    EDIT: I noticed you actually did address the issue above by indication a flag which, when changed, may override the issue. Fancy reading it in this new thread rather than in the one I started on the issue days ago 🙂

    EDIT 2: Regrettably, changing the #ignore-gpu-blacklist flag as advised above has not resolved the issue. However, I've now discovered a kind of temporary work around: When a freeze occurs, right click (sometimes, double right click) your mouse - that resolves it (until the next freeze...)

  • @opaq For your info, @PaulGir posted in my thread on this topic, saying he experienced similar problems to mine and had created another thread on it. Since he chose that course of action, rather than join the discussion in my thread, I assumed it might be alright for me to post here if I thought it might be helpful. After all, the problems he describes are part of what I experience, and the solutions we seek (in vain so far) are therefore, I presume, much the same.

    If only I had known that by doing so I was "hijacking a thread"! But you see - it had been my assumption that a forum is a place where people may freely exchange views and, as long as those were a) on subject and b) phrased politely, are permitted to do so with a degree of impunity. Go figure...

  • @opaq In my case, I am using a dedicated Nvidia graphics card.
    Firefox is ok. It seems very fast. I prefer Vivaldi for some of the customisations possible.

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    @sobermadman said in Vivaldi unusable on Ubuntu 19.10:

    @Gwen-Dragon I am fully aware that I already have a thread on this subject. Does that mean I am not permitted to respond to other people?

    No, responding is not forbidden. I apologize if my answer caused a irritation for you. 😊
    I thought Ubuntu 19.10 (as a special rolling release with its own driver patches) was completely different to MX Linux as a Debian base. My fault as i only use Debian. I use conservative distribution like Debian as my office and workstation PCs need to be stable.

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    @sobermadman Oh, the flag did not help you, i hoped it could.

    I think a precise bug report with steps to reproduce and hardware information could help the Vivaldi Linux testers and developer.
    Good luck. ☘🍀

  • @PaulGir ok, so missing acceleration can be excluded. And what does vivaldi://gpu say? When you say evident for months: the scrolling problem existed before version 2.10?

  • @Gwen-Dragon No need to apologize, I know I'm thin-skinned sometimes 🙂

    As I understand it, Ubuntu 19.10 (Ubuntu in general) isn't actually rolling in the strict sense, it has point releases, of which 19.10 (I believe) is the latest. But Ubuntu has a Debian base, so under the hood, as far as the essentials, all these distros (like Ubuntu, Mint, MX, Lite etc) are pretty similar I guess. On my primary work station I'm actually running Linux Mint Debian Edition, like you I appreciate Debian's rock solid reliability.

  • @Gwen-Dragon Actually I'm convinced it's not a Vivaldi thing (in terms of who causes this), but a Chrome one. There are lots of reports of the latest Chrome/Chromium producing these symptoms, so as Vivaldi uses a Chrome base probably what would need to happen is for that Chrome base to be sorted out at the point of origin. That's my guess anyway.

    As you suggested, I've submitted a bug report to the Vivaldi team.

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    @sobermadman said in Vivaldi unusable on Ubuntu 19.10:

    I'm convinced it's not a Vivaldi thing (in terms of who causes this), but a Chrome one.

    Are you able to test with a Chromium 79? Could you please check? If the issue is in Chromium it should be reported to Chromium Bug tracker, too.

    As you suggested, I've submitted a bug report to the Vivaldi team.

    Thanks a lot. may be they can investigate.

  • @Gwen-Dragon -

    @Gwen-Dragon said in Vivaldi unusable on Ubuntu 19.10:

    Are you able to test with a Chromium 79?

    Yes, Chromium 79 comes up with the same problems, on all the platforms I've tested it on, Debian based ones as well as Arch (Manjaro).

    @Gwen-Dragon said in Vivaldi unusable on Ubuntu 19.10:

    If the issue is in Chromium it should be reported to Chromium Bug tracker, too.

    Alas, I (intentionally) don't have a google account so unable to file a report, but I'm sure this must already have been reported.

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    @sobermadman OK, then we know it seems to be a Chromium based issue.

  • @Gwen-Dragon There's a discussion of this on one of the Linux Mint forums, found here:

    Someone there posted this which does work - not a solution, but (like right-clicking your mouse) another way of unblocking the freeze:

    *"I'm facing the same problem after the recent Chromium update. Randomly freezes screen updates. More noticeable when viewing video content.

    My work-around solution to the problem for now

    Open a second tab
    When the current tab freezes, click on the second tab and click back to first tab.
    That unlocks the freeze."*

  • I have no issues with it and Im using Linux

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