About closing feature requests and handling the issue

  • @Gwen-Dragon said in About closing feature requests and handling the issue:

    But most interested users are able to ask if a feature is implemented

    interested people already know the state of things and state it clearly, but then are flooded with replies spreading misinformation coming from misleading tags, blog post titles and alike, forum surely is not a complete list of bugs and issues, but it's the best thing we can access so while it's not perfect it is desirable to at least not spread false information

    @xyzzy said in About closing feature requests and handling the issue:

    Another thing to consider is that for many (or most?) people, a feature that has been marked as "done" really is done enough. Any additional work is either a nice-to-have enhancement or a bug fix, not a glaring omission

    I see no other way to call the current state of toolbar (or mouse gestures while we are at it) configuration, unfortunately title and headline of news article "Next level Toolbar Customization

    Our latest update unlocks a new level of customization – you can now build your own interface by moving or hiding buttons in the toolbars."

    while not exactly false are clearly misleading for people who haven't tried using the feature and the tag on feature request is not just misleading but simply false, feature request was detailed for a reason, and that reason was exactly to prevent misunderstandings, if it consisted of something like "provide configurable toolbar" we could argue that even Chromium has that, but being as explicit as it is it clearly is not implemented, mark it as split to smaller tasks, groundwork done or even honest we don't care if that's the case but don't wrongly mark it as done , that's my point

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