Configurable caption text in title bar

  • Hi, a feature that I loved in Opera was the configurable caption text in title bar. I am using a boss-key application at work to quickly hide certain windows from my desktop. This application matches window names which the user assigns. Vivaldi displays no text in the title bar an so my boss-key application can't match to a window name, because it changes with the actual tab. Opera displayed the tab title as the window name prefixed by the user-defined text, e.g.: My Own Window Title: tab name. My boss-key application could match to "My Own Window Title" no matter what the name of the tab was. I would love to see this feature in Vivaldi. j o e

  • Yes, I also noticed that Vivaldi doesn't display anything in the title bar at all, which looks like a bug to me.

  • I'm not quite sure, that this is a bug. To me it seems to be intended as the title of the actually activated tab gets displayed in the windows taskbar. And exactly this is the problem I have with a boss key application, the window title changes with the foreground tab and the application can't match a window title.

    j o e


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