Vivaldi won't open a page in one tab but opens it in another

  • This bug I face on a daily basis many times a day (it exists in the Windows version of vivaldi as well) When I try to open a page, it looks like it's being loaded but all I see is a blank page. If you update/refresh the page, it won't help. But if you copy the url and insert it in a new tab, the page will be loaded and displayed. [url=]A video demonstration[/url] In the video you can see me updating a phoronix page (but the site doesn't matter) which hasn't been opened. Then I update it, vivaldi loads the page but doesn't display it. Then I copy the url from the address bar and open the page in a new tab. it opens and displays perfectly. That proves that the site wasn't down. Then I return to the first tab and update the page again to no avail.

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    Known bug. Most prominent with low memory or lots of tabs.

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