How do I disable copy on select?

  • This is one of the features of Linux I've never actually liked or wanted. Is there a way to disable this on Vivaldi? It gets rather annoying because it automatically pastes the url of the last site to have been selected (sometimes just switching tabs does this) if I select the URL bar, and on any new tabs I open.

  • Copy mouse selection is default behavior in all programs in Linux, as is pasting that sellection on middle-click. Look for an option to change the latter, not the former.

  • Perhaps you're not understanding me.

    Let me be clear: I've been using Linux since around 2005 or 2007… I'm not a newbie 😉

    The problem I'm getting is that at random, Vivaldi occasionally seems to paste the clipboard selection into the address bar without me middle clicking (though an explicit middle click also does this). Now I have no problem with pasting on middle click, but I don't want it to copy what I select automatically. There are clipboard managers that allow you to disable this, and IIRC it's not the default in most modern Desktop Environments (I'd have to double check but I don't remember this being the case).

    What is happening, is that sometimes when I switch tabs or (understandable, close tabs), the URL of the last selected tab (or sometimes a random tab which somehow had its URL copied) is getting pasted into the address bar. It's more of an annoyance than a serious problem, but I'd still like to find a way to turn it off (since Vivaldi and my clipboard manager (diodon) seem not to agree on this).

  • Aha! So that is why I get whatever I copied last pasted into the address bar whenever I middle-click in the Speed Dial (to open in a background tab)

    No big deal, yes, but quite annoying, and kind-a silly… Hope it gets improved

  • Vivaldi Team

    This is a known issue. We works to fix it. Thanks!

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