Filters not working? Also,it'd be good if posts to blog post comment sections showed up in timeline

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    [img][/img] Also, it would be nice if comments I've made on blog posts would show up in the timeline. Is there anywhere else to get a listing of them? It's hard otherwise to keep track of and check back for responses. (On one of the snapshot announcement posts in the Vivaldi Team Blog, I once made the mistake, when submitting a comment in the comment section, of placing a checkmark in the "Notify me of followup comments via e-mail" checkbox, assuming that the option meant it would notify me only of responses to my [i]own[/i] comment. I then got an avalanche of emails notifying me of [i]every[/i] response to the blog post itself.) Oh, and one other oddity related to replies to blog post: Next to each comment in the the comment section of a blog entry, there's a hyperlinked time stamp (eg. "22 hours ago"). You might think, given that the URL of the hyperlink has a fragment identifier ("#...") that these provide a permalink to the place in the page where the comment appears, but while going to one of those URLs (e.g. [url=!/ccomment-comment=6765]!/ccomment-comment=6765[/url]) does take one to the correct overall blog post (although oddly, for no obvious purpose, the address bar URL gets changed via a [i]window.history.pushState(...)[/i] to a non-reusable URL like [url=!/ccomment-comment=6765]!/ccomment-comment=6765[/url]), the browser viewport gets scrolled down to the comment sections while the comments are AJAX-loaded, then stays at that scroll position, leaving the user to manually search for the desired comment, defeating the whole usual purpose of such fragment identifiers.

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