Remembering the window size and other OSX specialities.

  • Hi, I`ll make it quick. Obviously I do like the Browser yada yada, what should I tell you. I am still on Opera 12 so I welcome this project very much. Bothers: OSX apps are supposed to open the way they where the last time (yes, yes I know. If you are not an "app" from the store you don't need to care and if Apple considers it a "pro app" you can do what you want anyway. But thats beside the point. It is convenience to have stuff react predictably). I use Vivaldi fullscreen which makes it is own Desktop. If you now close the app i.e. Vivaldi it is supposed to start up the way it was again. This feature is supplied by OSX. Vivaldi seems to have a folder in '~/Library/Saved Application State' so I guess it isn't reporting its last state? it is definitely keeping track of the open tabs. Also, on this screen with all the little windows with websites in to choose from Quick select or whatever it is called (starts with supplied add sites but thats alright, btw I am willing to buy the Browser one it is released) You cancel these windows by hovering over them and clicking the X. On a Mac this is supposed to be on the left (probably some other *nix window-managers as well). There are some more things that are not fully native in behaviour (you see this in many multi platform apps. Even if they are only template fixes they are not applied. I assume because most of the developers are not native to OSX). Also you implemented a feature I want in some other apps, although not in general. The browser overwrites systemwide Keyboard shortcuts. That is annoying. It is easily fixable but I don't think that is how app privileges normally work. If I press a OSX meta OSX should respond, not the app. Random stuff: Could you have a plug in that enforces non flash player format? when available, Youtube e.g. often does not give out flash if it does not want to. And I am not going to install flash. Its not the 2000's anymore. cheers, looking forward to the next release. Apart from that: why do you use captchas that won't properly work in the browser? Don't show them if people use your browser.

  • I asked about that opening Vivaldi in full screen etc in the Bugs and other section… have a look see.
    Vivaldi seems to now open in full screen after the latest update so that problem appears to have been fixed... hope it stays that way.
    Check out the bugs and in the mac section.
    Hope this helps 🙂

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    Just a note - maximized is one thing (browser, including its UI, occupies the whole visual area of the monitor), and fullscreen is something entirely different. In fullscreen many UI elements are removed and for most intents and purposes, only the content of the web page is visible. I just wanted to ensure we are all talking about the same thing.

  • Sorry, meant maximised not full screen

  • Well, I spoke too soon as the browser has gone back to opening in a small size and remembering the window size. even trying the suggested way by Apple to have it open as last time doesn't appear to work.


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