The state of the address bar

  • First let me say I love Vivaldi browser, and that I'm using it as my main browser for a long time. So this is a purely motivational message. The state of the the address bar however makes me sad, it's really broken and hasn't seen much improvement. The address bar is one of the main component of a browser and it should really be given high priority in my opinion. Here some of the issues with it: [strike]- Search is broken in typing "g something" gives "http://g%20something/"[/strike] (I had "disable search in address field" on) - Filtering doesn't work well, if I type "reddit pics" it shows me "" in sixth position with results before it than do not contain "pics". If I type gamedev (to go on gamedev subreddit) it shows me a search I did on google for "gtk widgets gallery" in the suggestions. - If I type an address ( then add a space it suddenly shows me my bookmarks. - It seems to have some hysteresis issues. If I type "" then erase the "/" and type it again, it then update filter correctly the list of suggestions. Pressing the down key select the k-th entry on the suggestion list instead of the first one, the index is not reset correctly. The index is also messed up when the suggestion list is updated. - The suggestion seems quite slow in general.

  • The address bar's problems have been discussed on the forums before, but I don't recall in as much detail as this post. I can confirm the described behavior on my end.

  • It's less important but having h to search history would be great too.

  • Not sure if this is what you are looking for, but I stumbled across typing vivaldi://history into the address bar. It isn't pretty and you have to type in a search phrase or click on the triangle next to an entry and select "more from this site" in order to do any kind of filtering or grouping of the results, but at least you can slog your way through where you've been. You'll have to make it a bookmark since it's not a menu item.

  • Well when you type "h somekeyword" in the address bar it should open this tab and fill in "somekeyword" into the search field. That's how it works in Opera.

  • Address bar needs some serious work, first, an option to disable auto complete, some people like and some not. Auto complete is really annoying. Second, show auto complete suggestions in a drop down list below the address bar, just like opera 12. Third, drop down button in the address bar to reopen typed urls, very important and old school feature that every body loves. All my friend uses the drop down.


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