Drag and drop/search functionality missing

  • I love vivaldi, except for the fact that it lacks some of chrome's handy features. For example, the Drag and drop/search functionality, which is time saving and I use it quite a lot, is missing. Another important drawback is that incognito/private browsing mode is absent. I understand that this is a technical preview and hope that these features would be incorporated in the future.

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    I am not sure what Drag and Drop search is. In Vivaldi, one can drag an selected text and drop it into the search field, then search, or simply right-click and search with Google (more options will come later).

    You can open a Private Window from the file menu.

  • @Pesala:

    …You can open a Private Window from the file menu.

    I know Pesala is aware, but Private Window is only available IF you installed the Snapshot (or later).
    It isn't (wasn't) available in the Technical Preview.

  • I'm assuming he means dragging highlighted text into the address bar or search bar, and having the browser search for that text with the default engine. Vivaldi seems to assume text dragged into the address bar is a url, and tries to load webpage. Dragging text into the search bar doesn't automatically search, but it does place the text in the field, and one can always just press enter.

  • Ya I know that we can use right click and search with google; but drag and drop/search functionality is handy and saves us a few clicks. Dragging and dropping texts or url into the tabs field automatically searches the text or opens the url in a new tab. I know vivaldi is evolving. So, this is more of a feature request. I hope they consider this.


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