Bug: External program links won't open Vivaldi

  • For the past month, I've been using Vivaldi and the one thing I can't get it to do is open a link in vivaldi from another program. If I set Vivaldi as the default program, I'm totally unable to open http/https links, whether it's from an im chat or windows update or outlook. Sometimes I'll get the error message "class not registered" in certain programs. The only suggestion I've seen is to not have Vivaldi in program files or installed as all users, which is already the case for me. I always use the latest snapshot, currently on windows 8.1.

  • Irc-links from putty tray do open for me, but vivaldi isn't focused. Links in skype chats on the other hand don't seem to do anything.
    Vivaldi on W10.

  • Hey there,

    any news on that bug? This is a really annoying behaviour for no obvious reason. :dry:

    Chrome e.g. does work perfectly when being set to "default browser" and opens links in outlook emails.
    Vivaldi brings up the famous "class not registered" message within in outlook. Which I

    Any workarounds or an ETA when this bug will get fixed?

    Thank you in advance.


  • Hey there,

    Just tried opening Links from Thunderbird and Skype with Vivaldi as default Browser, works perfectly fine.
    System: Win10 / Vivaldi: (Developer Build) (64-bit), installed in C:\Program files\Vivaldi

  • installing vivaldi "for all users" instead of "standalone" seems at least to fix the link opening error for me.

    there are others rising, that are too verbose to explain here.


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