[Wish] I wished that Vivaldi had an option that allowed to avoid web pages automatic refresh

  • I don't know if it for statistical, or advertising, or technical reasons (or if it is Vivaldi's implementation of lazy tabs) , but recently more and more web sites refresh automatically when the TAB they are loaded into, goes on focus: if you have more than one opened tab, when you switch to the next, that next tab, will automatically reload in the same exact moment that you'd want to read it! I just can't stand this: when I switch to a TAB, it has to be there, loaded, ready to be read: why should I have to wait another reload? So my wish is: - if the reload depends on some "onfocus", or "onload" script implementation, of the web sites, I wished that Vivaldi could ignrore it. - if the reload is Vivaldi's implementation of lazy tabs, please UNSET lazy tabs by default. On slow connections, it's a nightmare. who else support this? newscpq

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