User Agent Update – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1745.1

  • @ruario ah, great, thanks for the clarification!

  • @Gwen-Dragon Thanks, done — VB-61125

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    @potmeklecbohdan Confirmed for current Snapshot.

  • @Gregor That article talks exclusively about the webassembly beta version that @Gwen-Dragon linked, which works just fine for me with Vivaldi, along with the other browsers the article discussed. The current "normal" google earth, that uses native client, works only in chrome.

  • @Aronand
    Thank you for the feedback - I just wanted to make sure you guys were aware since it had previously been listed in Known Issues, but not his time. 👍🏽

  • @kened Show them the code how to do it if it's so easy. It also should not break any other function when implemented. Maybe you can help make Vivaldi even better.

  • @iAN-CooG said in User Agent Update – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1745.1:

    @kened It also should not break any other function when implemented.

    Truth to that, in everyone's favourite browser -sorry- "best browser in the world", work in Chromium has broken that already sluggish pop-out, is interfering with code so they had to disable it. Why it is so difficult for hardcore fans to deny such a thing from happening? It shouldn't be that hard.

  • @ruario: A little tangent:
    I actually like to break the web for myself, that's why I've set a custom user agent in one of my profiles - making fingerprinting easy that way - and disabled JS in that profile globally and such making the usual fingerprinting impossible 😉

    Additional benefits:

    • (Almost) No Ads.
    • Sites load blazingly fast (if they load at all)
    • The surface for malware attacks is reduced by >90% (>90% of malware attacks via websites need JS)

    Apart from that:
    If a user deliberately "breaks the web" for himself, he is responsible for the breakage and should know how to repair it again.

  • @kened said in User Agent Update – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1745.1:

    Opera pop out video is still working fine. In developer version it was disabled, partially, but for others reasons.

    Lies 🤥 , little fanboish lies 😁 🤡 , it's Opera 66 which is about to go stable. Prepare ☂ 😄

    2019-12-16 05.24.01 4838475dab28.png 2019-12-16 04.51.39 d62ff0526836.png

    @kened said in User Agent Update – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1745.1:

    @npro: You're right: Opera is the best browser in the world. Anybody can't deny Opera's history and its advantage compared with other browsers.

    Sure mate whatever you say 😂 Btw how is your audio indicator in your "stable" version there, still consuming 99% CPU? 😍 How many "stable" crash & bug fixes to "stable" are there by now, 15? I always was losing counting 😄 😘

    Sorry to burst your fanboy bubble but maybe it's time to stop denying the bitter fact that Opera's history has ended the moment its founder Jon von Tetzchner left it and founded Vivaldi, while Opera was bought by a chinese conglomerate of controversial reputation, whose management succesfully turned it into the perfect hipster/shopping browser 💅🏻 💄 💋 🛍 😂

    P.S. Remember, we, the community of Vivaldi have pushed for years (before we left it because it was pointless) for certain features to be there, otherwise you would be still stuck with the most famous invention and bookmarks-killer of all time, Stash , so please don't tell us how great it is, we know, that's why we left.

  • I just noticed this today, so not sure when it started, but: Any time I select & use a URL from the drop-down list of typed URLs, when the page displays the URL is not visible in the address field.

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