Details / Status / Verdict of the Latest Update?

  • Sooo, I ask again, what changes / fixes / features incorporated was the latest Vivaldi Update supposed to entail? I only know of the Groups incorporation. Beyond that, I see more broken than fixed. I see that Warning that I don't exist up at the top of my page. And the font in the Sidebar appears to have been changed and now I can't read the little numbers in the red circles for the Notifications and Friends. So, what's the lowdown? What was the latest Vivaldi Update supposed to officially do? You know ... the changelog.

  • Hey Suntana! I was just thinking about you and wondering about the latest updates with Vivaldi! It mostly seems like a standstill on here.

  • Yes, Anna, unfortunately things do seem as you say … a standstill.

    Also, where it says "Open Group" over in the Vivaldi Users Group, it is one notch away from being unreadable. And I don't know why I'm getting notifications of comments in the Vivaldi Users Group when I haven't even joined. I sure hope that doesn't mean it's going to be the norm for us to get notifications from ALL Groups regardless of whether we've joined them or not.

  • I haven't been getting the notifications …

  • Yeah I get the impression, that things aren't picking up as much. At the same time, I'm getting more page views by just posting links to my website on here, since I made myself public.

  • Vivaldi Team

    Hi guys,

    Unfortunately, many of the issues that are outstanding have not been fixed :pinch:
    I know. It sucks. I feel the pain too :sick:
    We had some team changes and that slowed things down.
    We now have a new guy starting so hopefully, we can start fixing things.

    As for the changelog, Christian will compile the list.
    We are working on fixing performance issues and the bug that shows "user does not exist" message at the top to some users.

    With regards to issues Suntana described, I am not seeing them.
    Can you try other browsers to see if you experience the same issues?

    sgunhouse, you are not getting any notifications at all?

  • Okay, here is how my test with other Browsers went.

    I first tried testing things with Firefox, but I had to abort the test. Something is really off somewhere. Normally Firefox is slow, pathetic, horrible and useless for me. Today Firefox outdid itself and is ultra, mega, hyper –- slow, pathetic, horrible and useless. It just doesn't want to render the Vivaldi pages remotely close to their entirety. And this was after a fresh install of the latest Firefox 28.0.

    I didn't even want to attempt the Chrome route. For me, Chrome is even worse than Firefox. Chrome is ... is ... well, I'm not allowed to use that kind of language here.

    So, just for the heck of it, I went and tried my ancient IE6. Shockingly enough, as ancient as IE6 is, it actually kicked sand in the face of Firefox 28.0 and rendered the Vivaldi pages. Heck, it even went so far as to throw a small handful of sand in Opera 11.64's face! Yep, IE6 actually rendered those little numbers in the Red Circles for Notifications & Friends Requests better than my Opera 11.64.

    However, still … over in the Vivaldi Users Group ... after clicking on the 'More about this Group' link ... the text in that little Green Button that says 'Open Group' is still as much of a mess with IE6 as it is with Opera 11.64.

    Also, IE6 rendered the Usernames in PMs better than the mess that they are now in Opera 11.64 after the Vivaldi Update.

    Yadi Yadi Yada ... these problems didn't exist before the latest Vivaldi Update.

    Check things out with Opera 11.64, Tatsuki. See if you can reproduce the problem that way.

  • Well, I just got another notification from the Vivaldi Users Group, which as I had pointed out, I haven't joined. And this time it is with Opera 12.16. So, the problem is not necessarily due to a borderline ancient Browser like the Opera 11.64 that I had been using the other day when I first saw the problem.

    To add to the problem, it appears to be intermittent because I got those Vivaldi Users Group notifications on that first day. Then I didn't get any more until today even though there was activity in between there in the Group.

  • @tatsuki: Just some appreciation for what you guys are doing. I know it sucks having to work on an huge pile of bugs, especially if not everything is right in the team (as it seems). Sometimes while fixing bugs there will be some temporary breaking changes but step by step things should get better. Hopefully the new team member can help fix things and eventually speed up the process. Also good luck so that the team itself can be stable.

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