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  • @Ayespy
    Anything that involves a disproportionate nose will always lead me to Pinocchio, the most remarkable and affective reference I have for this. Still with a stronger reason, because I tend to be untouched about most of what goes on out there.

    But I appreciated and thank you for your reinsegnment.

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    @JoaBravo 🙂 Information is what I do. It's both my vocation and my avocation.

  • @JoaBravo said in Quinca71 Souvenir Repository:

    ... disproportionate nose will always lead me to Pinocchio...

    Let me better situate my words:

    If the context is more trivial, funny, less profound, Pinocchio is unbeatable.
    But if the context to which the nose refers is significant, sentimental, if it enters scratching, tearing and deepening, Pinocchio gives primacy to the ineffable Cyrano de Bergerac.

  • @Ornorm

    Flap - Users with best answers

    If my "alter ego topic" resurrected, you would be in third or second place in the overall ranking.
    147.84%!-Reputation / Posts.

    Happy about it.

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  • @Catweazle

    Don't try to replace Pinocchio and Cyrano on the matter! 😧 👶

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    @JoaBravo , I could also have mentioned Socrates, also known for a 'prominent' nose

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    @JoaBravo said in Quinca71 Souvenir Repository:

    ... If my "alter ego topic" resurrected...

    ...... You too, @hlehyaric, 156.25% -Rep / Posts! You and @Ornorm would compete in a "tête à tête" race. 🐎 As for the background image of the profile, "ça va sans dire", "pas du tout" .... at the most favorable sense (added)...

  • Flap - Some silly pranks, maybe fun. Non-existent subject in the former topics.

    Here's an old-fashioned one. I ask another: how do you pronounce the name of the US capital? "Niu York or Nova York"? (transliterating into our way of pronouncing)

    If the answer was one of two, I added, "Wrong, sir, it's Washington.

    I think this can be done in any country, "mutatis mutandis", except of course the English-speaking ones.

  • The funny thing here is that, even those who know the capital of the United States, they lose focus on the word capital and throw themselves into pronunciation.

  • Flap Users Avatars

    I don't know how to title it. The fact is that it impressed me.

    The image gave me the feeling of something from a few centuries ago and the character would not be ignored for me, obviously from a past incarnation.

    I don't know why I see him as a court clerk. In France, date close to the French Revolution. Why France and French and that time, that goes beyond my explanatory power.

    Another nose with a not insignificant proportion. A snuff sniff (?) "Renifler de la poussière", how can I say what would be said here as "cheirador de rapé", a tobacco powder sniffer? Anyway, a fun impression. Although its so odd.


    Note - All may become still more instigant, if @Ayespy discover what nowadays divulged image it corresponds to.


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    @JoaBravo Looks for all the world like Bob Cratchit leaning over his desk. Now I will have to find out.

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    @JoaBravo It's a character from the Russian stop-motion animated film Hoffmaniada, released in 2018. All of the characters in the film are puppets that have exaggerated noses of one kind or another, to aid in expressing their personality types. The Film's concept and all of its art design were by Mikhail Shemyakin and it was directed by Stanislav Sokolov. The film is based on stories by Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann. Its "hero" is a young lawyer named Ernst Hoffmann, and I think the puppet you see in that avatar is he.

    Here is a bust of Hoffman: https://deacademic.com/pictures/dewiki/49/170px-ETA_Hoffmann_bln.JPG

  • @Ayespy

    Very grateful.

    In my life, there was a period when I was very attracted to Charles Dickens.

    It all started when a publishing company launched a collection here with new monthly books / authors, called "Clássicos Imortais" (immortal classics). Distributed on newsstands for some time. I bought a fair number of them, not all. The 1970s were on their way.
    Charles Dickens had been present with "As aventuras de Mr. Pickwick". It was enough for me to fall in love and run for more books and films based on his literary works.

  • @Ayespy said in Quinca71 Souvenir Repository:

    ... and I think the puppet you see in that avatar is he....

    The choice of the nickname by the user (Hoffmann44) reinforces your assumption and I would bet my 10 cents that he is 44 yo - the user.

  • Flap - @MoonDawg Souvenirs.

    I intend to share these "souvenirs from my alter-ego" publications with @MoonDaug. My topic will have its meaning expanded - and how!

    I am thinking of inviting any user who wants to join, to add, each one, excerpts, memories, whatever, from Moondawg.

    My initial thoughts go to @Catweazle, relying on my memories of how adept he was at a specific topic: "Nothing but (sick) jokes". I believe I am quoting the title verbatim.

    Who knows, by doing this, Cat might even kill the lack of adding this kind of content?


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    @JoaBravo , now family friendly jokes 🌈 🦄

  • Flaps 1 - Users Avatars and 2 - Best Answer Users

    User - dfkt

    1 - For Users Avatars - An evoker image of endearment and poetry and (a lot) of love. Or am I hypersensitive today??

    2- For Best Answer Users - A happy discovery which convulsed my mind, feelings and has much surprised and enchanted me.

    In this aspect, it is due to say he has 222 as reputation and 7 as published posts! A prowess that would give him 3,171.43!!! percentual points.
    We may see from his profile that he is here since 08/06/2015. His first post date is 08/06/2015, the date of his joining.

    He published other 3 post only on 11/12/2019!!! And the last 3 ones, on 02/05/2020. A valious oyster perfecting its precious pearls under a golden silence.

    He launched a topic "Switch to disable picture-in-picture / video popout icon" and in the launching post, he already won 189 points. A theme whose subject is being target from the aversion from very good guys/dames here.

    Such a long interval, showing the golden quality of his silence. Congratulations.

    I find his profile worthy of some visits, not to mention many visits.

  • Flap - Users Avatars

    I could not resist. Do you know which user this icon corresponds to today?


    He's very, very well known. I will miss the previous avatar. It seemed to fit his body, mind and soul to perfection. "Enfin" ... complaints that are eager to manifest will be blocked.

  • @JoaBravo I noticed the change yesterday. A brand new personality 😎 Amazing!

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