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  • @hlehyaric said in Quinca71 Souvenir Repository:

    Surprisingly, you can still access MoonDaug's profile, as your former profile as well.

    Access to the hull of the profiles of quinca71 and MoonDaug is available to everyone. Just be on the general users' page and search for their usernames in the appropriate box, each by its time.

  • @JoaBravo That's what I meant, I wrote «you» as a general case, I wasn't thinking of you in particular as I'm able too to access those profiles. Actually, I made some kind of a mistake as I used «you» as French «vous».

  • @hlehyaric said in Quinca71 Souvenir Repository:

    ... Actually, I made some kind of a mistake as I used «you» as French «vous».

    Coming from you I declare I prefer "tu, ton et toi"; what have hampered me was the sequence: "as your former profile as well." That is, at this excerpt, it was me, personally. N'est-ce pas?

  • @JoaBravo What I meant was: it's possible for anyone to access your former profile as MoonDaug's as well. Regarding «vous», you can use it as a general form, e.g. «vous pouvez accéder aux profils» = «nous pouvons accéder aux profils» = «on peut accéder aux profils». Je ne parlais pas de toi en particulier, mais de tout le monde; «vous» est un pluriel dans ce cas et non la forme du voussoiement (que je n'aurais pas utilisé pour m'adresser à toi en particulier 😀).

  • @hlehyaric

    Oh, forgive me, my dear Robespierre, but the adverb (surprisingly) with which you started the sentence prevents all the meaning you added "a posteriori".
    But, do not worry, I have a high affection for you, and as everything refers to you, I will give exclusive attention to the playful and funny aspects that, undeniably, the sequence has.
    However, I have a naive pride in not being easily dévié of the truth that I can see. Always affectionate companions?

  • hello JoaBravo and you
    Nice to hear from You and you.
    We will now read. Let us begin.
    You is personal singular.
    The you is plural. ((oops. I wrote you is. avoid doing that.))
    Start a sentence with You causes undetermined application.
    french proper is Nous (Public, instructional mode), but westerners consider that form patronizing. (and reject its civilized clarity in favor of the faulted you. (On, One rare, lacking in modern en usage. but i like it))
    That is writing. We like to write in the manner we speak. I speak from the commoner's view of en.
    We do not speak in capital letters, so You ask questions. Well done.

  • @JoaBravo said in Quinca71 Souvenir Repository:

    Always affectionate companions?

    Of course! 😄😉

    We were just discussing grammar & pronouns entre amis.

  • Who? Me?

    That is funny coming from an entity with background multiple usernames.
    Who? Me? or me? or me? or me? or me? ...

  • Flap - User Avatar

    Beautiful avatar, it sounds like a paint. Anyway, I like marines (= seascapes).


    User: WEMA123

  • @hlehyaric

    The image gives me the impression to have something of metallic. All the way, I liked as much as you.

    Here, in my" language, we may denominate "marinha", or, "arte marinha", any figurative graphical expression of art, saying respect to the sea.
    If I convert to English, I find "Seascape"
    If to French, I find only "Marin" (initial cap letter)

    I didn't, through the "translate", "trouver" how you, French ones, say which we, in Portuguese, say "marinha" and English ones say "seascape". By chance is it what you have written: "Marines"?
    I anticipate excuses for the decline of the understanding. 🦓 ,

  • @JoaBravo Yes, we say «marine» to translate «seascape» & «marinha».

  • Flap - Users Avatar

    Shame on me! I missed this one:


    The great wave off Kanagawa, beautiful and famous ukiyo-e by painter Hokkusai, a renowned Japanese artist.

    User: Awoodstock

  • @hlehyaric said in Quinca71 Souvenir Repository:

    Shame on me! I missed this one:

    Tout au contraire!

    How have you achieved to encounter a so "antique" avatar linked to the theme? 07022020! Congratulations!


    A minute plus and the precipitation disappears. The user has published recently. Even so, I preserve the compliments now done. 🦓

    It is each one that, more and more, "I commit" on these forums !!!

    Damned DNA! New acronym: DD.

  • Flap - Best Answer users

    @potmeklecbohdan - Congratulations and joy (mine) for you have inaugurated the first line on horizontal!!! A race not excessively quick. But constant. And above all deserved!

  • - Ambassador -

    @hlehyaric , anticipating in this wave and other paintings the discovery of fractals by Mandelbrot. Genius

  • hello JoaBravo
    "right as rain" ? rain is good

    An expression in english.
    A device that fails to function, broken, do not use,
    is said to be, and may get a sign message posted, that indicates the device is
    "Out of Order"

  • @i_ri

    Thank you for coming again.

    I think if it were to mention the "flap", it would be "Malicious ways of nicknames and sayings". Another era that probably won't be back ...

    Sorry, but I am not understanding well (nor badly lol) what you mean. Any help from the comrades here?

    Don't be angry with me to the point of not clearing up my misunderstanding. For fear of this come to happen, this is the reason why I am looking to help myself with others.


  • @i_ri - second answer response:

    Seeing if I achieved overcome DNA (ancient birth date for remembrance of the meaning for you), incompetence about English and specially about "your" English and general unintelligence that comes lifting into a vertiginous speed over me.

    I'm understanding as if you are asking me "how are things going?" and you are waiting / cheering it is all right and "rain is good" means that.

    If is so, I answer: 1-Liked the expression with rain. 2-But, as for me, there is predominantly sun at the "navel" of desert, if this may be put as if meaning the contrary sense.

  • Hello JoaBravo
    verdadeiro. souvenir, nicknames and sayings. adding to list.

    That You felt of right as rain to be a personal inquiry, in this forum, is well placed. I am delighted that You respond "how are things going" to that compound of right as rain "?" expression in the post.
    My general unintelligence is of crude material.

  • @i_ri

    As for me, coarse or subtle, the same fate. Ai, ai.

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