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    @JoaBravo Ranching and breeding, birthing, raising, training, working horses is still dear to my heart, as is dog rescue, but they all have their places and times. I place some value on being able to do things. Being able to do things seems increasingly rare these days. Many people seem helpless outside their particular area of expertise. I like to think I would not be helpless in any situation.

  • @JoaBravo As @Ayespy wrote it, the user's nickname is the character's name and it's a Spirou & Fantasio character (by Franquin).

  • @Ayespy

    Marvelous, as I thought and shouldn't, but I wished and still wish💓 :

  • @hlehyaric said in Quinca71 Souvenir Repository:

    Spirou & Fantasio

    Pardon, but is this a way of saying in French converted into English, a species of "trade mark" or what else?

  • @JoaBravo Spirou & Fantasio is a famous Franco-Belgian comic (at least in French-speaking world).

  • Some expressions bring a touch of “genius” that invades us, possibly subjectively due to the repercussion of the expression in each individual.
    As for me, this is how Franquin's art works. Among the French, in all arts and ages, no one did it as strongly in me as Guy de Maupassant.

  • Asterix was a fever here in the 70s. In a generation a grade younger than mine. In my days, it was the strips containing Pafúncio and Marocas, Popeye, The Nephews of the Captain (German if I'm not mistaken) the priceless Mutt & Jeff, Commander Ventura inside and out (I don't know if it is national or not from here), I had barely learned to read at the time. I won't look for the real titles in English, it's not worth it, I won't find repercussions ...

  • @hlehyaric said in Quinca71 Souvenir Repository:

    Spirou & Fantasio

    I believe that these words have no other meaning than to designate the pair, per se, in the French language spoken and read. Here, quickly, within my ridiculous knowledge, I would approach Fantasio to Fantaisie, Spirou nothing inspires me. Maybe in the other Belgian language, if I'm not mistaken German, or maybe Dutch, I'm sorry but, I don't know ...
    Sorry for the tiring persistence.

  • @JoaBravo French & Dutch (Flemish) are spoken in Belgium. There's a small German-speaking minority along the German border around Eupen.

    Fantasio may have something to do with fantaisie, but I don't really know.

  • @JoaBravo said in Quinca71 Souvenir Repository:

    For accomplishing the proposal of removing, under a moderator actuation, I intend to indicate to the moderator the following posts to be removed due to
    the constatation of SPAM: ...

    I am going to consider moderation didn't find any reason to erase the indicated postages. So, I give as accomplished my part and requiescant in pacem, we and them.

  • Flap - Avatars of users
    Claustro de um convento? (Cloister of a convent? / Cloître d'un couvent?)

    Usually a pleasant visual attraction for me.

    user: jeanfrancoismichel (What a c cedilla lacks!)


  • Flap - Ways of saying

    "Painless reflexions" (hommage to Millor Fernandes)
    Time zone - In my language you say "fuso horário".
    If I say "Estou com fuso horário", it means that I am with the time zone table in hands or in front of my eyes.
    But if I am speaking, not writing, it can also be understood as "eu estou confuso quanto ao tempo", that is, "I am confused about the time".
    Usually, this is how I find myself all the day. It's not easy to live a little crazy all your life.

  • @JoaBravo said in Quinca71 Souvenir Repository:

    Flap - Avatars of users

    A new one for @potmeklecbohdan.
    My memory is in evident and rapid decline. I have the impression that it was the color that changed. Seen as a designation in posts, chats, elsewhere, it will always give the impression that a piece is missing. The interlocutor must think: I will fully expect to arrive, then I begin. So far, only half have come. :


  • @JoaBravo said in Quinca71 Souvenir Repository:

    I have the impression that it was the color that changed

    Exactly. I inverted it coz for a moment I needed to not be orange-black-avatared.

  • Has anyone else noticed BlackDaug withdrew his account?

  • @hlehyaric

    What a way to end a week! 😢

  • @hlehyaric Sad...

  • Flap - Avatars of users

    In the case, avatar and piece of the emptied profile
    Ad perpetuam rei memoriam

    At least, if my topic will stay more time than Viv's page of the preserved previous profile ... All the way, now there are two places to keep remembrance.



  • @JoaBravo Surprisingly, you can still access MoonDaug's profile, as your former profile as well. But BlackDaug'profile seems to have been erased.

  • @hlehyaric said in Quinca71 Souvenir Repository:

    @JoaBravo Surprisingly, you can still access MoonDaug's profile, as your former profile as well. But BlackDaug's profile seems to have been erased.

    Judging by what happened to Quinca71, it is a procedure done by the community management, neither requested nor done by me. For my part, on that occasion, I chose for the total erasure, they did as they thought was in accordance to their concepts. Reasons? I never knew exactly. Some assumptions, but nothing deeply ascertained.

    Some time after the return of the prodigal son, with another name or nickname, I tried with the community manager to delete everything, since nothing, or very few, more significant was left. Even with their instructions, that was unable to do it. So, I stopped hammering on cold iron and chose to leave it as is to see how it looks.

    Finally, I leaned myself to consider as an attentious hommage to me, nothing impossible of being, when comes from Vivaldi staff

    I would say that the Black Dog did not achieve all the appeal that the Dog of the Moon did. It is as it will be with Joabravo and Quinca71, when it happens. Laughs.

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