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  • Sometimes I miss my previous posts under my "alter ego" of Viv

    This was the case when, days ago, I intended to make a joke with the son or grandson of Pistol Pete of @Para-Noid

    So, I open this topic to post some flaps when and if they come up.

    Starting with the transfer here of Pistol Pete's son / grandson.

    Hey, @Para-Noid , you have now an almost homonymous. See @paranoid. Better saying, you are the homonymous. He is older as a user.

  • @Para-Noid - I just found the son or grandson of Pistol Pete.

    User: johnnada


    Downloaded from another topic where it was originally posted.


    User: the9thdoctorwho



    Family - Byke

    1 - The modest one
    User - Shuri


    2 - The equipped one
    User - Rexfahrer


  • @potmeklecbohdan said in Quinca71 Souvenir Repository:

    ...is broken...

    This is as much within my reach as speaking Chinese ... Yet I tried something. See how it looked now. Maybe because the image has been reduced through Paint? Thank you.

    Editing: Again i will have to reduce the image. As is it has 1.21 MB, Well, as here is not an Art Museum...

  • Flap - Cinema, Actors & Actresses

    Quick flash - Here - "Impacto Profundo". - English - probably "Impact". Indispensable quote - presence of Morgan Freeman.

    A scene with the character of a middle-aged man.
    Wearing glasses, being somewhat prominently in the crowd, sitting in a chair, or on the grass of a mound.
    He turns his back toward where the tsunami would come from, reading, phlegmatically, a newspaper, as if it were the best, wisest, and most appropriate attitude under the circumstances

  • @JoaBravo said in Quinca71 Souvenir Repository:

    A scene with the character of a middle-aged man...

    This comment of mine may seem - and indeed be - bizarre. In the midst of so many scenes of highly technological and emergent action, to which the plot of the film led the characters to participate and take, this simple and remote behavior was not neglected by those who made the film.

    And in my case, that became the biggest focus I kept after so long of the movie. Maybe the madness explains it.

  • Flap - Cinema, Actors & Actresses

    For the past ten years, as I recall, within my current scarcity of adhering to any dismal connection to insane series,
    I've only watched the two movies mentioned below.
    Possibly, other less significant 10 ones.

    In my braking, are included social networks, I do not participate in any.

    1-Padre Pio de Pietrelcina.

    I consider the best and most resonant movie seen, not only in recent times, but in my entire life as a viewer.

    The theme can be lurid (in the sense of arid, difficult to navigate, beyond long) for many if not almost everyone.

    I think you can get the link in English or in each other's languages.

    2-I believe that now I will put a surprising theme for several reasons that I leave to explain. It's a gay theme, short film, within a niche that Youtube has established.

    I try to be universalist.
    Within the totality of God, nothing is separate.
    As we do not follow Him (including myself), we are establishing separations, exclusivist, intolerant and rejection behaviors.

    I just add two aspects:

    This comment of mine, donne below the video summarizes the whole location that this short film managed to lead me and I am very happy with it.

    The look expression of the final scenes of the actor who plays the role of James is more than playing, is LIVE the role !!!
    Superb !!!
    Even though it is a staging, it already has an ineffable value. If this could really happen, it could go far beyond kisses, could reach true and pure love, whatever this can be... if it can be... !!! And perhaps it can be lived in a realm where, without reneging, transcends the expression that our body cannot give to LOVE with capital letters

    MyOpera had a gay group admitted to its users blogs.

  • Well, my post above "não deu muito IBOPE" (way of saying in my country that a single or a group of people, events, happenings and whatever it was did not provoke that interest ... just the opposite!) ☹

    The Padre Pio movie, however, published on Youtube in 2016 in June, has about 600,000 views, 14,000 approvals, and 318 (units) disapprovals; "Water - Vattnet", 2014, January, 642K, 4,2K, 294 units, respectively.

    They would not be such a strange indication.


    User: Scorpion9four


    That's how I am receiving him shootist.gif


    A very beautiful and classical Avatar image.
    User - PedroVictor (my countryman)


  • Flap - Users Avatars

    Mustache - the biggest ever seen. I believe not only for me. And it looks natural.😦
    User - qazaq61


  • Flap - Users Avatars

    No Comments - User: Chinaski

    I made sure to keep in my memory this image from the original topic of my alter ego. Reasons? Ça va sans dire.


  • Flap - Users Avatars

    "Yin-Yang live"?


  • Flap - Users Avatars

    Nothing young (acidly) warrior.
    User - AEONSCRIM
    Nevertheless, humorous and amusing, IMO.
    His first post fits the avatar perfectly.
    Afraid that everything will not last long, I am keeping a copy of his post. In the future only available through my viv email.


  • Flap - Users Avatars

    User - AEONSCRIM - 2 - see precedent post above.


    Somehow frustrated, I see that he changed the incredible image he generated. From a curmudgeon (*) old tiny man so suggestive, he went on to a cheeky provocative young man.

    (*) in the sense of "a bad-tempered or acid person", Thanks @i_ri)

  • Flap - Users Avatars
    Pinocchio - Does anyone know what this is about? Times go by and, as always, they make everything worse.
    User - BANEC


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    @JoaBravo That's a Japanese "Tengu." A "sky dog" or "sky sentinel." I believe it's considered godlike and a protector.

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