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  • @hlehyaric said in Quinca71 Souvenir Repository:

    a bark?

    Only dogs know how to bark… 😛

  • @potmeklecbohdan said in Quinca71 Souvenir Repository:

    @hlehyaric said in Quinca71 Souvenir Repository:

    a bark?

    Only dogs know how to bark…

    Curious, how the languages have common points of contact among them!

    Here, we have the word barca, which has a more enlarged meaning than the one given by @Ayespy for clipper. It says respect to any species of vessel.hehehe.

    The laugh is because I have been writing "embarcation" in some antecedent posts and the "Translate", as well as the built-in corrector, didn't protest. As soon as I finish here, i will hurry to modify.

    However, the Portuguese word "Barcaça" approaches more itself to Ayespy.

    But, even so., its meaning is more enlarged than the vessel described by him. I am believing that the "anglicism" "Clipper" is detained to the clipper with a range of sails. "Barcaça"prolongs its meaning to "chatas" (whose basis is alonged and flat), with or without motors.

    What about are we talking here? About the image of the avatar, which, according to our dictionary and Ayespy, I must call "Clipper". Even if our pronunciation of the "i" of the word clipper we do as American people pronounce "ee". 😲

  • This thread, "Quinca71 Souvenirs repository", was created for in part trying retrieve the lack Joabravo felt about some themes Quinca71 had created, And, because some merciful, compassive and sensitive friend users have manifested, for consideration to their feelings .

    So this topic is more comprehensive of varied species of subjects. It is multifaceted.

    Quinca71 had created the following themes which Joabravo resolved try to retake but under the form of flaps at the sense of snippets.

    The themes which may bring flaps or slices to here are (AFAIK):

    -Users Avatars,
    -Users with best Answers
    -Cinema, actors, actresses and films.

    Joabravo thinks those are the themes which may cause more sense of absence
    Hence, whoever wants to add those here, may feel served to do it.

  • The word is escuna! To my feelings the best sound for define what I intend to add!

    Wait, please. Coming soon on your screens.😍 😍 😍 ❣ ❣ ❣ ❣

  • User: MrHoggLegg


    I'm a poor lonesome cowboy and a long long way from home.

  • @hlehyaric

    Some images bring us (me) an undefinible amount of feelings, impressions and reactions, innerly and outerly.

    That cowboy awakes me worthy loneliness. A faithful friend like the horse stirs up sincerity and peace, an intangible nobility. In my case, as cinema is a marking referency, actors as Gregory Peck, Henry Fonda, Kirk Douglas ( recently he went away in order to riding on the meadows up there, with his 103 years old).

    Pardon me me, willing of saying something goalless, purposeless, on the hope something may sprout.

  • @JoaBravo The picture reminds me «Lucky Luke», a franco-belgian bande dessinée. The main character was, at least partially, based on some well known American actors, notably Gary Cooper.

  • @hlehyaric

    Gary Cooper was another admired american actor from my part. His role in "Matar ou Morrer" (maybe "HIghnoon" as original title) was great!

    Perhaps surprisingly, I add another name, Van Heflin, just for coadjuvant role, in "Os Brutos também Amam" (almost sure "Shane" as original title).

  • Movies avec Marion Cotillard I've watched:

    Marion Cotillard starred in 'Inception'
    Marion Cotillard starred in 'Public Enemies'
    Marion Cotillard starred in 'La Vie en Rose' about Edith Piaf
    Marion Cotillard starred in 'Mid-night in Paris'
    Marion Cotillard starred in 'Allies'
    Marion Cotillard starred in 'Little White Lies'

  • @BlackDaug said in Quinca71 Souvenir Repository:

    Movies avec Marion Cotillard I've watched:

    Flap - Actors - Actresses - Films

    Mon pic de dévotion au cinéma ne l'a malheureusement pas atteint. Un coup d'œil suffit pour s'en rendre compte.

    Plus loin.

    My peak of devotion to cinema unfortunately did not reach her. A simple glance was enough to realize it.


    Heureusement, j'ai eu pas mal d'indemnisation par le passé.

    Simone Signoret

    Annie Girardot

    Fortunately, I got quite a bit of compensation from times gone by.

    Simone Signoret

    Annie Girardot

  • Just one to share how proud I am to see a user using an icon I created a few years ago ☺
    User : kened

  • @Ornorm

    Congratulations. Fulfilling the destiny that the indole that was presented to you by God: Conquer hearts and souls. From there, adhering to the things you create is just a logical, natural and desired step.

  • Flap - users avatars
    One kin of mine (unknown).
    User - mjhidalgo007


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