Wrapping up for release – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1745.9

  • Vivaldi Team

    We are closing in on the last release of Vivaldi for 2019, so this snapshot focuses on bug fixes and includes another minor Chromium bump.

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  • Vivaldi Team

    That looks so koselig

  • Moderator

    Last stable release before the end of the year and hopefully last release before the mail client 🙂

  • Moderator

    Thanks for Audit fix on Developer Tools 👍

  • #BlackCyberTuesday with Vivaldi 😜

  • I don't know if the extensions thing is still a work in progress or im doing something wrong, i was expecting it to be an overflow where some, all or none could be in the bar or the pop up, as is its all or nothing so the same as the toggle but in a box. it's good for people with a huge amount of active extensions who are cramped for space but i was hoping to just move some, never mind maybe there's a mod it's still an improvement.

  • Thumbnails (even default previews from each page) don't seem to disappear any more (and that was a nasty bug). Thanks!

  • VB-59999 seems not enough, still get pop up windows that do not close.

  • Nice, horizontal menu for extensions seems better (VB-60392).
    Where is the old toggle behaviour? (VB-60576).
    I only see the "classic" extension toggle option...
    Also having failsafe thumbs is comforting (VB-60519).

    And about mail, WIR(tm)... it will have some filtering option (rules) like thunderbird or it will be labels only?

  • Thanks for [Regression] White background flash before rendering Speed Dial VB-59795, that is the #1 of everything and all, the one thing that every other Chromium-based browser is plagued by and what makes Vivaldi so special and lovely 😻

    P.S. Though the site info icon was not shown in all the other previous versions if I remember correctly, but hey its nitpicking territory, I know 🙂

  • Thanks for fixing the loss of custom thumbnails!
    A horizontal extension toggle looks much better, well done for that 👍

    Also, pugs are not cute. Horrible little things 😝

  • anyone else with another view from WebWhatsapp? now I've margins around the contacts and chat window. If I drag my panel (At the left) to the side (to lower the space at the screen), I get the "normal" view
    no ua-spoofing extension activ. and with a guest window, I get the "update your browser" screen 🤔

  • I also don't think 60576 is fixed. Please give us the option to show the hidden buttons just like the permanently shown ones (“old” behavior).

  • Thanks a lot for the fix too! The pre-calculated speed dial thumbnails seem fixed too (I only had to trigger a refresh on old ones to make things back on rails).

  • @potmeklecbohdan: Yes, I still don't get it. It can't do one of the main things it should be able to do: show them all and then allow you to go back to the site you're on while still seeing them, thereby allowing you to interact with one of the normally-hidden ones that you rarely use but do have a need for in this scenario.

  • @potmeklecbohdan And the old behaviour had a better theme blending especially with dark extensions icons vs dark themes (but this can be fixed changing background colors with css to the overlay popup)

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Dev Tools are still unusable for debugging. I reported it on September 20 (VB-57796, Docked developer tools become unresponsive to the mouse clicks when pausing script execution).

  • Looks like there's something strange happening with sync however: if sync is enabled, bookmarks are marked as "Needs update" in the side panel, deleted folders are restored on sync as well as emptied bookmark trash (MacOS version).

  • @RammsteinAM It looks like my report (VB-60717) is a duplicate in this case. But it's nice to hear that I can get around this issue by undocking developer tools, in case I can still English and understand it well.

  • I updated from snapshot 1719.3 on my Linux machine (Debian Jessie) and the menu isn't readable with my current color theme anymore:
    Does anybody else have this problem or is it my configuration?
    (This happens also with clean profile!)

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