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  • I'm really disappointed with the way Vivaldi uses memory. With Cent (chrome v74) or Slimjet (chrome v76), I can open many tabs while still farm gaming in Bluestacks. As for vivaldi, just a few tabs (under 10) are reported to run out of memory, extensions automatically hangout. My system has 4 cores and 16gb ram can not run Vivaldi?
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  • @moelogxam
    Hi, my RAM usage is much less with 20 tabs and 4 extensions.
    Check Vivaldi task manager in tools menu or Shift + Esc.
    I guess one of your extension or a heavy webpage is the reason.

    Cheers, mib

  • Vivaldi is pretty good at memory management actually. I would troubleshoot one of the TWENTY extensions that you have installed in your Vivaldi browser, I think that you will find that they are the source of all your Vivaldi woes. Some of those extensions might be running background processes that are slowing down your computer. I typically only install around five or six extensions maximum, as they can weigh heavy on system resources.

    As a test, I fired up my quad-core computer, with Vivaldi open (~150 YouTube Tabs), I was able to play 'Company of Heroes' at ~75fps high/ultra 1080p with no lag, even though I was using in excess of 13.4gb of the 16gb ram I have installed. I then chose to hibernate all but three of the active tabs I had open (one in each Window), and I managed to cut the memory used by Vivadi from around 7-8gb, to a more manageable 3.5gb.

    Read this article (on how to hibernate tabs):

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