Bug: Browser sometimes disappears entirely/becomes invisible

  • I then click on .exe to launch it again but nothing happens. Vivaldi runs in taskmanager but it's visually gone. It seems that certain mouse-movements causes this but am not sure. Anyone else xperienced this?

  • Moderator

    If you accidentally drag any element of a page and release it, it can crash the UI. The rest of the Vivaldi processes continue to run. You have to kill all running Vivaldi processes to restart the browser, including the UI. It's a bug.

  • You don't say hich OS you're on but this is similar to a previous post.

    Maybe try the suggested workaround?

    In the meantime I found out, it is an old Windows 7 Bug. The dialog opens on a not existing screen.

    The workaround is:

    1. Right click on the task bar icon.
    2. Select 'Move'
    3. Move with the arrow keys to the right or left.
      Result: The window will be moved to your screen.


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