One-Way versus Two-Way Synchonization

  • Hello -

    Is there some way to set up a one-way sync so one device (my primary laptop) is your source device and the other device (my old laptop) is your target device.

    I use my old laptop infrequently. I am concerned when I jump on my old laptop and sync runs, it may download (older) files from my old laptop onto my new primary laptop and delete the newer (more recent) files on my newer laptop device.

    Am I misunderstanding how synch works?

    It happened to me once already! I lost a number of files!! Altho I am not 100% sure that was the cause.



  • @RobertCohen27 It will only synchronise the latest changes. So (in theory at least), if you only make changes on your "primary" device only these changes will be synchronised.

    At least that's the ideal situation. Sync is still a work in progress, and there are bugs. Maybe you hit one of them that time. I'd recommend you do regular backups of your user-profile to account for such things happening (even if they are relatively rare).

  • @Pathduck Super - thanks. I didn't know this! That is fine - but good advice to backup just in case. Thanks again. Robert

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