"Remember me" doesn't work after recent upgrade.

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    @JohnPF said in "Remember me" doesn't work after recent upgrade.:

    but you don't seem to be very familiar with Vivaldi, or browsers generally.

    Oh. Yes. Really!? I know how the browser asks for the saving of password.
    I am internal tester and do nothing know on Vivaldi usage!? Lovely.

    I often ask users who want help step by step what they had done and if they do not answer, ask them once more.
    And i asked as your issue was not really clear for me.

    Vivaldi still has them but it just isn't logging me in automatically.

    Vivaldi injects login name and password in fields of Login pages on websites.

    On websites The Remember in login pages often means: store my login name (and session identification) in a cookie, it does not mean login automatically!

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