Ctrl+Shift+V to paste without formating on google sheets not working on Vivaldi

  • Re: Ctrl+Shift+V to paste without formatting in Google Docs not working
    I'd like to rekindle this subject.

    I do a lot of work on google sheets, moving info from one sheet to another, and this really hinders me, as formatting isn't the same on both sides.

    I don't want to have to keep chrome exclusively to do sheet work.

    Could you please look into this? Is this a limitation posed by google to fuck with Chromium browsers?


  • @RedWolfProject Try mapping "Paste and Go" to Ctrl+Shift+V instead, then you get two features in one combo 😉

    But I was able to make "Paste without formatting" to work as well.

    Is this a limitation posed by google to fuck with Chromium browsers?

    Nah - I just think they don't care.

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    Is this bug VB-54795 "Regression Paste values only not working in Google Sheets"

  • Any updates on this? Recently ran into this problem after trying to switch to Vivaldi from Opera. I've had no issues with using Ctrl+Shift+V for paste without formatting in Google Sheets in Opera (which is also Chromium so it shouldn't be that possibility posed by the OP)...

    I'll also note it doesn't seem to be tied to the shortcut as much as the command. I also can't Paste without Formatting even if I select it from the menus. No luck with any sort of clearing cache/refreshing/etc either.

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