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  • hi, i am registered to one another forum, i login and browse.
    however, as soon as i close vivaldi and open it again, i have to log in again to the forum ... even if I close the related tab and open it again after a few minutes, i have to log in again.
    all this with chrome doesn't happen and not even with ffox, opera... only with vivaldi this behavior....

  • Moderator

    @swanx Thank you for reaching and sorry for the trouble.

    1. What is your Mac/Linux/Windows version and build?
    2. What is your Vivaldi version? (via Vivaldi menu
      Help → About and first line)
    3. Which URL causes this issue?
    4. Which extensions do you have installed? (via page chrome://system, row extensions and button Show...)
    5. Do you have changed Vivaldi Settings → Privacy
      f.ex. Cookies stored for Session Only.
    6. Did you use accidentally use Vivaldi's Private Window mode?
    7. Do you have settings for Cookie exclusion or Deletion after close.
      Please check internal page chrome://settings/content/cookies
    8. Which security software do you have running (Firewall, antivirus, malwarekiller, etc)

    Again thank you for using Vivaldi.

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    Occurs sometimes in phpBB forums also with other browsers. It can therefore also be a forum thing, of "forgetting" the password.

  • sorry for this my post...
    i have read your suggestion, but before to try some ways, i have delete all my navigation data.
    now everything seems to be working well....
    maybe some cookies were interfering. now work correctly, if I still have this problem I'll come back here to post!
    for now, thank you for your attention!

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