Recaptcha Annoyance

  • Sometimes when I try to login to Ebay using Vivaldi that ******** Recapcha pops up asking me to identify fire hydrants , crosswalks, cars, motorcyclists etc. Sometimes I am in a never ending loop. Ebay has added in recent weeks a sentence to the effect that if a user is having problems with Recapcha to access Ebay , to try and use a different browser WTF. The only two browsers I will ever use are Vivaldi and Opera.

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    May i ask on more information:

    • Vivaldi version
    • special command line parameters
    • special Flag settings in Vivaldi
    • blocked Third Party Cookies
    • special Privacy Settings
    • changed User-Agent with a extension
    • Extensions (which ones installed)

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    Does this reCaptcha test page work for you?

  • @Gwen-Dragon I often have to do those twice, but they usually work on the second try. Even the ones where you just check the box without any picture selection often require two tries. Your test link took two tries (or maybe they were being obscurely picky about the difference between a big RV and a small tour bus... How do you tell from the front?)

  • Unfortunately reCaptcha, for all it's easy of use and ubiquity, is developed by the local neighbourhood snooping busybody, so its use requires acceptance of cookies from Google. If these cookies are not accepted, users will instead be presented with the image-based checks every time.

    reCaptcha is really hard to reverse-engineer to understand how its algorithm works in detail.

    See the following Wikipedia article:

    Due to particular biases in how reCAPTCHA operates, specifically presenting more challenging tasks to users who use Firefox rather than Chrome, are not logged in with Google or use tracking prevention add-ons, the system has been criticized as yet another anti-competitive and vendor lock-in technique. The reCAPTCHA code is also heavily obfuscated and reverse-engineering attempts demonstrated that it collects enormous amounts of personal data, in line with Google user tracking and fingerprinting practices. Usage of reCAPTCHA, since its acquisition by Google, is subject to Google's general privacy policy, which essentially requires the user to consent to collection of vast amounts of personal data in order to use websites protected by reCAPTCHA.[24] Google has declared the behavioral data accumulated this way "will not be used for personalized advertising by Google" but Google has withdrawn similar promises in the past.

    A quick way to check if you're accepting cookies from Google is to click the site information icon (padlock) and look at the cookies. If Google is in the blocked section you are blocking these and that's why reCaptcha is not as friendly as it should be 😕

  • @Pathduck Thanks for the clues about how disgusting unavoidable parts of the net have become. Do you believe the part about how the real reason for having to spot cars and traffic lights is to train their AI?

    On the test page linked above, I show three Google cookies accepted. But no matter what I do, the details section always says "no cookie selected". Does that mean something? And I always have to do the picture selection twice...


  • @LorenAmelang said in Recaptcha Annoyance:

    Do you believe the part about how the real reason for having to spot cars and traffic lights is to train their AI?

    Well, of course. How else would they have trained their self-driving cars? 😉
    Before the pictures, they used the text to train OCR algorithms - which I didn't really mind, it was for a "greater good". We got stuff like out of it, not sure if the algorithm was made public though.

    Your picture shows "Storage" which is not the same as cookies. I know, confusing that they place it under Cookies but it's similar. Cookies have an icon like a cookie 🙂

    Do you have anything in the Blocked list there?

  • @Pathduck Nothing blocked. Thanks for the clue about "storage" - I thought those icons were a pretty lame stack of cookies... When there really are cookies, like on this page, the details fill in. But the real cookie icon is pretty pale in dark mode, compared to the storage icon.


  • @Gwen-Dragon said in Recaptcha Annoyance:

    Does this reCaptcha test page work for you?

    For me the Captcha block was not seen until I disabled uBlock Origin and reloaded then it appeared. uBlock showed two trackers were being blocked.

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