Why you should replace Windows 7 with Linux

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    @Steffie , I believe it, but most of the users, at least the ones I know outside this forum, because they are this, plain users who don't really want to complicate their lives.

  • @Catweazle I never understand people who lack intellectual curiosity. Yes i know, they are all around us, the world over, & sadly many of them hold great social & political influence. They remain incomprehensible to me however.

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    @Steffie , if it's really sad that a lot of people just consume without their own criteria, not only in the computer world. In many this of the "Sapiens" is pure pride, the worst that above are many of these in governments and positions of responsibility.

  • @Steffie an eccentric point of view, someone could say that since they have a lot of intellectual curiosity they are uninterested in wasting precious time for something - a computer - which for them is just a tool, especially when in the end what you get is not different than what you would have got without that effort.
    Example: learning to bake your own bread is an effort that repays the effort, since in the end you get something with nothing in common with what you can get in a bakery.
    Overall it is a matter of choices, no one of us can do it all, most of the time ยจplain usersยจ is what we are and it has nothing to do with being or not intellectually curious.

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    My nickle's worth (as we don't use pennies anymore).
    With all the crap I've been dealing with the past week on Win10 (buggy updates, forced Edge, etc) I'm beginning to think we should also replace it with a n appropriate version of Linux.
    My personal leanings are toward Mint Cinnamon, Suse Tumbleweed, or PCLinux.
    If I were a more experienced used I might dive into Arch.

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  • @Catweazle said in Why you should replace Windows 7 with Linux:

    @greybeard , my W10 don't force me anything. ๐Ÿ‘

    I run ShutUp10 monthly, and have literally almost everything set to "off", so maybe that's why I find Win10 generally no problem at all. Even so, I have had to revert the image viewer to IrfanView on numerous occasions...

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    @mossman , no problem with Irfan, but the Win explorer dont show images in some formats, only this issue. Not very important for me.

  • @potmeklecbohdan Re: My Chinese middle-section of my post.


    Not sure how old you and other readers are. I'm older than some, younger than others, but suffice it to say that I was involved in the government and corporate level of the internet between, say, 1988 to 2000. I saw it both from the government security aspect and later from the corporate build-out and merger-frenzy to the Dot Com bust.

    That's just some perspective of where I am coming from.

    The intro dealt with my particular targeted need and uses for Linux as someone seeking a replacement for Windows 7 (which I still use and enjoy).

    This post, however, is written from a machine running the Debian-based Q4OS/XPQ4 32bit. So, as a proof of concept, Debian works fine.

    For that matter, I am still in the evaluation mode, and have been trying out many (mostly Ubuntu-based) distros.

    Simply put, I am completely open-minded as to what my next OS shall be, but I have my druthers as to how that replacement ought to work. Thus, no need to argue (which is silly and unproductive). I just want something that works reliably, safely and is as user-friendly as possible.

    Learning is why I am here.

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    @Catweazle You are lucky my friend.
    For some reason the last two MS updates have played havoc with my Win10 Home system (Windows 10 OS Version 1909 (Build 18363.900)
    ). Has only happened once before, when the update took 20 hours.
    I think their "Home" OS is flaky. In the past I have always used the "Pro" versions and found them stable, even into their old age.
    I do not have media to reload the OS so if this continues a migration to Linux may be in the works.

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    @greybeard , same as I have, W10 64 1909 18363.900, last update last week (????). Maybe somthing wrong in your settings.

    CPU AMD 8Gb
    GPU AMD Radeon 2Gb

  • @greybeard said in Why you should replace Windows 7 with Linux:

    replace it with a n appropriate version of Linux

    You will not be sorry.

    You will have fun, you will find it exciting & challenging [in the best way]. You will learn a lot, you will see & do some things differently, other things just the same. You will have difficulties & problems, annoyances & frustrations, which will only stimulate you to greater heights, & enable increased satisfaction as you defeat them one by one. You will have a sense of wonderment that something so cool & excellent had been hidden from you for so long. You will shake your head in amazement that entirely different workflows are possible & available for you [optional, not mandatory] that you might not have even suspected were possible, when the universe falsely appeared only through Redmond eyes.

    You might ultimately decide to stay where you are. Even if that's so, none of the preceding experiences will be negated for you. You still will have grown & expanded.

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    @Steffie , but you also cannot condemn those who want to learn from their environment and not how to fight better with OS, where they simply want it to work for their purpose without further complications.
    You have a car to travel and see the world, not to learn how to fix its breakdowns every little bit.
    Each one has their priorities. Important only that you have them and that you learn from them.

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    @Catweazle I don't think so as I haven't had too many issues before (except those I've mentioned). I do everything through the admin account so updates should be applied properly down through the two User accounts.
    There have been a ton of complaints on the MS forums regarding the buggy updates and MS Edge...
    Like IE, they say Edge is now an integral part of the OS (those of you in Europe, take note).

    Buggy updates for me were 2020/01 & 02 one security issue and one flash issue. Also a number of DorNet security issues from last year.

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    @TalGarik I'm afraid some of us may somewhat disagree.
    For example, before arthritis and I could use my hands, I did some wood carving as a hobby.
    Over the years I have been gifted many tools. Not one could I use without a thorough examination, then sharpening if needed.
    Two issues, (my) safety and performance.
    Now baking bread, a totally different ball of wax... nothing better than a good home baked loaf of bread.
    But may one still be just a little curious as to differing kinds and methods?

  • I have been a longtime PC user, since operating systems were various flavours of DOS in fact! PC's were novel then, came in many different flavours with several different operating systems. Amateur programming was all the rage, mostly in BASIC, but gradually C and C++ took over and there was a great community of budding programmers publishing their programs for all to share.Then along came windows in all its variations - 3.0, 3.1 XP, 7, and so on. Apple too was hot on their heels (well, fairly hot). These two sounded the death nell of the amateur programmer and certainly the novelty has long worn off for me. Now I regard them (PC's) as just tools used, as one correspondent disparagingly put it, for shopping, accounts, record keeping and other such mundane tasks. What else can you do with a PC these days that is worth spending any time over? Fiddling around the OS? Come on! With those thoughts and getting thoroughly pissed off with Windows. I recently switched from windows 10 to Linux Mint (may change that to Ubuntu) and wish that I had done it sooner. And, at 83 yrs old had no problems! One thing I have noted that hasn't changed at all over the years, the, 'My PC/OS is better than anyone elses' syndrome!

  • @agedone Welcome to the Vivaldi Community! Always good to hear from someone who's been around the block a few times ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ‘

    Good on you for making the switch to Linux - I guess it's more familiar anyway for those of us who grew up using the command line ๐Ÿค“ ๐Ÿง

    the death nell of the amateur programmer

    I guess you've not had a look at for instance Github or Sourceforge lately? I think the amateur programmer is very much alive and productive these days.

    PS it's "death knell".

  • I used Windows 10 to replace to Windows 7,as in my opinion,Windows 10 is more helpful to me than Linux.

  • @Ayespy I have to wonder what you do to your Linux setups to bring them down. I can break a setup with the best of them just tinkering. Left alone Linux can last for years for me.

    I'm writing this on Mint Linux 18.3 (KDE) that was last installed a couple of years ago. Same with two setups I have at home, and several more that I have installed for family and friends. I have Mint KDE running on computers used by children right up to 85 year old seniors. I always install the same versions so if they do have a problem, I can lead them to the fix over the phone. Generally speaking I very seldom need to do anything for anyone.

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    @Joey21 In every case, what has broken Linux for me has been an update. Once an update makes a build unbootable, I have not figured out how to roll it back to a bootable state.

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