Why you should replace Windows 7 with Linux

  • @folgore101:
    I'm running Cinnamon 4.2.4 here. It really have improved greatly the last couple of years. It works flawlessly, is speedy and have all the features i want.
    It's the only DE I would recommend right now.

  • Started using Linux a while ago, even before using Vivaldi. Solus is a really good distribution, very stable, but very few applications in the repository by default. You have to use the third party repo and Linux Mint is good for five whole years of support, they have equivalent repos with Ubuntu and even more as Linux Mint's dev team work to support Mint even after Ubuntu has moved on to something shiny and new. Linux is indeed lighter in most cases, but A fun one to try on old systems is Puppy Linux found at puppylinux.com The forums there support people running versions that span all the way back to tahrpup a version built from scratch, but package-wise based losely on Ubuntu 14.04.

  • @mossman: Puppy Linux has that but Vivaldi is offered as a community maintained package and the whole thing runs off of RAM so no installation. You can save your documents to it via a save file which is persistant volume.

  • As for system requirements, 1 GHz processor and 1 GB RAM is enough for Linux, but not enough for up-to-date sites and browsers πŸ˜‰

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    @d_A_y_x , That the minimum requirements grows over the years, unfortunately it is inevitable.I don't know if there is something equivalent to a Windows function in Linux, which is called Ready Boost and allows you to expand the RAM using a flash drive. This would then be the only possibility, if the PC is too short of memory and you don't want to spend a lot on expanding a very old PC.

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    @nielsrasmus Thanks for the information, i've been trying Linux for a while now and maybe during the Christmas holidays i'll try it.

  • @dbouley I have no devices running under 8GB of RAM, I use a full desktop wherever I go. πŸ™‚

  • @paul1149 What is so bad about Solus?

  • @VeilofMaya What would you say is missing in the Solus repo and what did you need from a 3rd party repository?

  • @Catweazle I think even with the slowest hard drive you'd be better off with a swap file than a USB drive.

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    @justinzobel, this will have a better effect on Linux, but increasing Swap on Windows, although also possible, is not as efficient as doing it with a flashdrive. Although naturally it is not as fast as RAM, but rather more than an HD. With Ready Boost you can increase the yield by almost 10%

  • @justinzobel said in Why you should replace Windows 7 with Linux:

    @paul1149 What is so bad about Solus?

    Solus is good, but I found it buggy. It wouldn't take my Dvorak keyboard layout for instance. I also think the installer is inferior to MX. I would say give it more time.

  • @paul1149 What did you find buggy?

  • And as expected the discussion descends into everyone and his dog's favourite distros, workarounds, issues and... No consensus or clear advice for newbies. Ha ha ha! πŸ˜†

  • @mossman There is no ONE answer to rule them all for newbies.

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    There are more than fifty Linux distros, from the simplest to the most complex, depending on the capacity of the PC and especially the preferences and uses that it wants to give it. It is therefore impossible to make a clear recommendation, rather than recommend to try several from a pendrive, before staying with the best one, it adjusts to the needs. It is not as simple as deciding on Windows or Mac.

  • Hello OlgaA and Team Vivaldi and Hello Everyone
    β€˜β€™...For many machines, the answer will not be Windows 10.
    Enter Linux. ...’’
    Vivaldi browser as the default browser on the GNU/linux operating system being sampled for trial will it aid to convince a user that linux is good stuff?
    I am with paul1149; looking from distributions *antiX linux and *MX-Linux and debian.
    Without further recommendation or without full review
    it is good to present a tangible real-world example quick sample here
    a test trial of Feren OS Next Release Candidate 2.iso11/19/2019 is a linux distribution with vivaldi as the browser, noble ideas with kde and cinnamon on Show Alternatives menu launcher, SynapticPackageManager catalog to help browse the free software repositories. Extensive customization possible. Youtube and dailymotion video played in vivaldi running in live-installer mode, even before installation to a drive. Fresh linux.
    Example this collection of remarkable linux package applications assembled as a system for personal computer. So many of the linux systems distributions are delightful user interface with the sophisticated tools for your work production creation, organize, saving, gaming, surfing.
    A lot of good work out there overall.
    Two tips: Look for the word *Stable in the description of the distribution. Look for community support; we know the value of that.

    Posted this comfortably from vivaldi in feren live session running .iso from usb. christian has a Topic in the linux subForum for such:’’Which distro and desktop are you using Vivaldi on?’’

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    @i_ri , obviously it is advisable to present the alternatives in Linux. There are wonderful distros with many options and easy to use, but here is a double challenge, which is not only enjoyable for a newbie, but also be functional on a netbook or PC with few resources.

  • @folgore101:
    You wont regret it πŸ™‚
    Remember, if you get stuck or want help with something, please join the forums:


  • @justinzobel said in Why you should replace Windows 7 with Linux:

    @mossman There is no ONE answer to rule them all for newbies.

    (and @Catweazle et al) I know about the large numbers of distros and all their variations and foibles... but that is exactly why newbies find it so hard to switch over.

    The best thing to do, for this type of thread, would be to form a consensus on just two or three basic set-ups to recommend so that the whole thing is less confusing.

    Once people have dipped their toes in the Linux waters, then they can go off and test out a number of alternative options to pick what suits them.

    Unfortunately, that just never happens - and instead you end up with the rather meaningless noise you have in this thread (don't mean to offend anyone, but a newbie coming in here would leave more confused than when they arrived).

    Edit: I say this as someone who is computer literate, used UNIX as far back as the 1980s, remembers the actual arrival of Linux (literally in the weeks after Linus first released it) and has been exposed to various flavours of it over the years - yet even when I tried on occasions to decide on a distro to try out (Knoppix back in the 90s, Kubuntu in the 2000s, Lubuntu last year) it's been nigh on impossible to get meaningful advice. I've usually just ended up rolling the dice on a handful selected after reading a hundred different opinions.

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