Vivaldi for Mac Ipad?

  • Just reently bought a Mini Ipad, so far haven't found a Vivaldi version. Is there one? TIA

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    @britur There's no Vivaldi for iOS, yet. There's a plan for it, but it's a steep climb, as it requires a ground-up rebuild, from scratch. (Apple won't permit the current code base on iOS.)

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    @britur As one of the macOS testers, I'm also eager to see an iOS version. If you search the Internet for "vivaldi jon android ios", you'll see official comments in the press from Jon (Vivaldi's founder) regarding Vivaldi Mobile on Android... and see his answers to the inevitable questions regarding an iOS version. @Ayespy 's post pretty much summarizes Vivaldi's official position.

    As for the comment that this would be a "ground-up rebuild, from scratch", that was certainly true a few years ago. Since then, Google released the source code for Chrome on iOS. That changed the situation for a Vivaldi version from "out of the question" to something more possible. Nevertheless, an iOS version will still be a lot of work... even if the developers are able to reuse code from the Android version.

    For now, Vivaldi has stated very clearly that they are currently focused on Android and that there are no immediate plans for an iOS version.

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