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  • Hello, I have been looking around online on how to go about pursuing a position at Vivaldi.

    I see that open positions are rare and few. I would like some tips from someone who is or have been working at Vivaldi. What is the hiring / interview process? The culture? Is there a policy that allows for unsolicited / general job applications?

    I am most interested in areas of business, finance and marketing, but of course the programming / tech side is always fascinating!

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    @ill Viivaldi has a very small team, and can only grow as finances permit and/or development needs absolutely demand. The founder/ceo, as nearly as I can tell, personally does all of the hiring himself, because the size and composition of the team impacts his pocketbook directly.

    Hiring is according to need, and when there are ANY openings, they are advertised on the blog, on facebook, on Twitter, etc. If there are no ads seeking new employees, there are no openings. Vivaldi does have direct connections with a couple of universities, from which they get interns. In the past, I have seen two of these interns become staff, if I am not mistaken.

    One gets hired once an opening appears, by responding to an ad.

    I have not seen any outreach for hiring recently. The most recent growth in the team was about five or six months ago.

    The culture, per my direct observation is low pressure but high production, with a lot of ideas invited from staff, but the final decisions made by Jon. All staff inter-relations appear to be very low key and friendly. I have actually, believe it or not, never seen a conflict.

    I do not work for Vivaldi, but did spend some days living and observing and interacting at one of their facilities. It is literally the most pleasant work atmosphere I have seen in my fifty or so working years.

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  • @Ayespy thanks for the very informative response!

  • @Gwen-Dragon I'll consider doing this. Right now I feel the need to let the previous reply's information sink in--I take it that applications should only be toward open positions--or wait for others' input on unsolicited / general job applications.

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    You were very helpful to me, I will take note

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