Recommendations on the search bar

  • Hope that Vivaldi's search bar to input characters like the Opera 11&12 by default, this is very helpful to switch search engines! Firefox is now the default, although Firefox's search bar is still hard to use, but much better than not! There is hope that the search bar displays the current search engine Logo, to make full use of resources! ================================ 希望Vivaldi的搜索栏能够像Opera 11&12那样输入字符后默认展开,这对切换搜索引擎很有帮助!Firefox现在已经是默认展开了,虽然Firefox的搜索栏仍然很难用,但比不展开要强得多!还有就是希望搜索栏能显示当前搜索引擎的Logo,要充分利用资源嘛!

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