LastPass stopped working

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    One huge problem I am having with the most recent 2 releases is that LastPass is not working in Vivaldi. It was working just fine. I have uninstalled the extension and re-installed. No Luck.

    That is a deal killer for me.

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    @bversiga Please describe what does not work with the extension?

    May be you should report such issue as a bug to Vivaldi developers.

  • Here is what I have found out due to another post. With the last update Lastpass stopped working. I could login but passwords would not fill and the extension Icon was completely non responsive.

    Solution: I copied all my user data which was located at:
    C:\Users{Windows Username}\AppData\Local\Vivaldi

    Uninstalled Vivaldi and removed browsing data.

    Removed C:\Users{Windows Username}\AppData\Local\Vivaldi


    Re-Installed Lastpass.

    Now the extension is working!

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