Multiple installations problem

  • Since I installed the latest TP on my other HDD on top of my AppData/Local copy, I've had problems with Vivaldi, and tried to wipe all the instances and uninstall Vivaldi through the Control Panel to cleanly reinstall a standalone instance, but now, every time I do that, I see this message appearing. [img][/img] The supposedly system-level Vivaldi is not supposed to exist, and I can't see it anywhere, be it the HDD where I deleted it or the Control Panel where I uninstalled it. Could it possibly be a registry key that didn't delete itself properly, and in which case, where may I find it? This kinda bugs me, since I can't use Vivaldi at all anymore, and I would not go to the extent of wiping my hard drive for a better browsing experience. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.


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