Bug: CTRL+Arrow behaviour in forms

  • When writing in a text form like I do now, I often use CTRL+arrows to move the cursor word by word. But there's an incredibly annoying bug: Sometimes pressing CTRL+Left will go to the previous page instead. Result: All form text is lost. I have lost a BUNCH of forum posts I've written this way :( I never had a problem with this in Opera. Also, In Opera, going back, and then forward, would preserve the text form fields, why is everything cleared in Vivaldi?

  • I remember this bug being talked about and reported around on the forums a few months ago pretty often - but I'm pretty sure it was fixed. I also can't reproduce it. Are you running the most recent release of Vivaldi? As of this post, the most recent snapshot is

    If you're running TP4, you're out of date. Try updating to the most recent snapshot and see if you can still reproduce this bug.

  • It should not happen in actual forms. In pages that have some custom rich text area (any site that shows actual underlines or bold text without needing to click some "Preview" button) it has beem known to happen. Ctrl-Left is the default Back shortcut in IE, old Opera and basically all other browsers so they can't just disable that, but if they can tell the page is looking for text input they need the previous word action instead - so it is really a question of knowing whether a page is looking for text.

  • @sgunhouse:

    Ctrl-Left is the default Back shortcut in IE, old Opera and basically all other browsers.

    I think you're thinking Alt-Left Arrow. Microsoft lists Ctrl-Left Arrow as only being meaningful in IE's address bar.

    I don't recall any mainstream browser using Ctrl-Arrows for navigation between pages. Maybe it was the case in the MDI-based Opera browsers, a long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, but I can't recall individual Windows 3.1 application shortcuts with reliability anymore.

    In any case, changing pages with Ctrl-Left Arrow is definitely not IE compatibility nor any other current major browser. It's, from a user's view, rightfully a bug.

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