Why is the Speed Dial so slow?

  • One of my favorite features in Opera was the Speed Dial. I tried to use Chrome, but even though there was extensions, they felt very slow compared to Opera. I was happy to see Vivaldi having a speed dial, but it felt as slow as the Chrome extensions. I thought it was because it was a brand new browser, but it's been a while now, and I haven't seen any improvements. Closing a tab and showing the speed dial takes about a seoncd, while on Opera it's instantanious. Is this fixable, or what?

  • Opera's interface is compiled.
    It's written in C++ or something, that's why it's so fast.
    Vivaldi relies on modern technologies.
    That way Vivaldi has many advantages but it's slower.
    That said, the hardware improvement in the last 10 years was something incredible, and in 5-6 years, Vivaldi could benefit of the advantages given by an interpreted interface and could be as fast as a normal browser

    Edit: when I say fast I'm talking about the interface, the layout engine is already the fastest on the market

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