The everyday little things that add up.

  • I like Vivaldi. Have switched to it as my primary browser (Win/OSX), but... While new shiny ideas are cool and all, there are a couple of basic things getting in the way of actually enjoyably using it. 1) Clicking left and right mouse buttons in a quick succession works as back and forward. For me it's an unwanted behavior that I can't turn off. There have been numerous instances of select -> right-click -> search... where did the page go? 2) After a while of using, middlemouse-click (or from the right-click menu) to open a link in a new tab doesn't work. Shows a blank page. Link has to be copied in a separate tab by hand. 3) Tab reordering glitches. Hard. Disappearing tabs, tabs stuck in odd positions, etc. 4) Closing tabs via ctrl/cmd+w ignores my setting of switching between tabs in the way they're ordered (goes by last used logic). 5) Pinned tabs get closed when selecting close other tabs. 6) No way to "close tabs on the right". 7) Can't drag&drop a link between tabs/windows/instances. 8.) Back button works across instances not per instance. 9) No way to split out tab as a separate instance or merge instances.

  • Heh. There's no such thing as non-pre-release software anymore. Everyone's a beta tester.

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