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    with an warning about flashlight(?)

  • @Uesuauos One reason why FF users might be hesitant, I was one myself, is that customisation is maybe not a good word as it can cover all sorts of technical nonsense and time wasting. How about Non-technical customisation. If customisability was the main focus, I would never have tried VV. And what a loss that would have been for me!

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    @britur The civilian word is "options."

  • @Ayespy Just checking with respect, civiliian sets e thinking about its opposite namely "miitary".
    Customisation would have got me thinking about all sors of time-consuming technical expertise, swo I would never have started this wonderfil voyage on Vivaldi.
    Maybe "easy/simple adaptation to needs", don't need to be a technical geek

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    @britur That's why, "options."

  • @Ayespy "simple to complex adaptability"?

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    @britur Too many words. 😁

  • @Ayespy How many words? And toe be used in what way? Hope you're notgetting fed up with my responses!

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    @britur Sorry. I've been driving for 12 hours. I will get back to you after I get some sleep. 🙂

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    @britur So, the fact is, Vivaldi is quite attractive to technically proficient people who love to customize everything - even to the point of going beyond settings and creating a custom CSS file to turn even more wrenches on the UI. To people like that, the description of "customizable" is fitting.

    At the same time, less-techie people can be put off by a huge menu of available changes such as shown in the Settings pages, and so it would be nice to have a "basic" settings interface that they can choose that does fewer things. As they become more comfortable and adventurous, they might change to "advanced" settings. Or if they run into a change they want to make that "basic" doesn't address, someone can guide them to the proper place in "advanced." But even people who are intimidated by a huge range of settings are unlikely to be put off by hearing that Vivaldi has "options" or is "flexible." I think it's not necessary to try to make a PR campaign describing the fact that both wizards and apprentices will be equally comfortable in the environment, if you promote options and flexibility, even "customizable," so long as when a new user opens the browser they are confronted with a simple settings interface, with a button at the bottom labeled "advanced." The techies will push that button first thing, and go exploring. More timid users will leave it alone.

    But as to "too many words," It's well-established by research in the advertising community that the simpler the slogan, the stronger the impact. "Simple to complex adaptability" is both (believe it or not) a complex notion and a grammatically tricky phrase.

    "We give you options" or "The flexible browser" are both simple concepts and easy to absorb.

    I'm reminded of a couple of current car insurance campaigns running in the US right now, using simple phrases for what are actually complex operations. They are "fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent," and "only pay for what you need." Each is an invitation to apply for insurance with a new company, which can be quite a complex process - especially the "only pay for what you need" one, because it invites a customer to choose from a welter of potentially very confusing options.

    But here, I think we can offer people options or flexibility, even say we are customizable, and then when you open the package, you see a simple set of controls with another button that lets you through the magic gate into a wonderland of possibilities. The trick is what the user sees when they first go to adjust something.

    Sorry if that was too long-winded. It's just my thoughts on "how many words" versus "how complex the menu."

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    Of course all of the above would be for an imagined future in which developers find time for a re-write of the settings interface.

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