Snapshot - Private browsing mode and improved web panels.

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    Hi, Today we add in a long requested feature, private browsing. We have also done further work on web panels. Private browsing This is the first implementation of private browsing in Vivaldi. To browse in private mode use "File → New Private Window". This is a great feature for browsing embarrassing web sites that you don't want recorded in your history. When browsing privately, the info badge and lines through the address field will give you subtle, visual clues that you are using this mode. Private Window URL Bar Please test this carefully. Since it is our first implementation it might not be bug free. Let us know if you find ways of leaking data. Web Panel improvements The web panel feature was rewritten to make it work better. The issue with being able to open links inside the main browser window is fixed. We also decreased the height of the the panel title bar and offer an option to hide it completely. The back and reload buttons have been combined into a home button that brings the panel back to its initial page and reloads it—context menus allow for more precise history navigation. //Christian - Vivaldi Technologies

  • Hey there 🙂 I've been testing this snapshot for a while now (I'm actually using it as my main browser at the moment) and I have to say it's pretty impressive what you guys are achieving here :woohoo: so I decided to join the community to share ideas and feedback.

    Is this thread the right place to offer feedback about the current snapshot, or should I go to some other thread? Sorry I tried the search but doesn't seem to be giving me any other result to begin with :whistle:

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    This is as good a place for feedback as any.

  • In that case there are some tings I'd like to report, at least I haven't seen them anywhere else yet; first thing to note is I'm using latest Vivaldi snapshot ( Running Fedora 22 64 bits:

    • Extensions are looking great, but some known (like Lastpass extension) doesn't seems to be working, when I try to access a website information it won't load (I just see a white square) and sometimes will crash the browser.
    • Sometimes webpages suddenly stop loading and F5 won't make them pass the point they stopped, only opening a new tab would make the page to fully load.
    • Sometimes a tab freezes and you can't access it unless you restart Vivaldi (it's not even selectable by switching with alt + tab)
    • Sites that require user permission to write on local storage (the most clear example I've found is won't start downloading such content and the ask for permission never pops up. Uploading content to websites is also slow on the last percent when the content is actually stored permanently on the site.

    I think that's it for now, keep up the good work guys 🙂

  • I've found one bug with Private Browsing though it is so spotty I don't know how to reproduce it.

    If I visit a page in a private browsing window, sometimes it gets added to the history (and saves a cookie), other times it doesn't. I don't know what triggers this, however.

    I've also got another bug, with any window (private or not), where sometimes a tab fails to load, and if you reload, it still fails to load. The only way to get to the site is to copy the url and paste it in a new tab.

    One question I have as well, btw - Are private tabs going to be a feature? That would be amazing (sometimes I use them to log in to multiple accounts on the same site) :)!


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