Snapshot - Private browsing mode and improved web panels.

  • Vivaldi Team

    Hi, Today we add in a long requested feature, private browsing. We have also done further work on web panels. Private browsing This is the first implementation of private browsing in Vivaldi. To browse in private mode use "File → New Private Window". This is a great feature for browsing embarrassing web sites that you don't want recorded in your history. When browsing privately, the info badge and lines through the address field will give you subtle, visual clues that you are using this mode. Private Window URL Bar Please test this carefully. Since it is our first implementation it might not be bug free. Let us know if you find ways of leaking data. Web Panel improvements The web panel feature was rewritten to make it work better. The issue with being able to open links inside the main browser window is fixed. We also decreased the height of the the panel title bar and offer an option to hide it completely. The back and reload buttons have been combined into a home button that brings the panel back to its initial page and reloads it—context menus allow for more precise history navigation. //Christian - Vivaldi Technologies

  • I found some major bugs in naming speed dials within folders, Typing a single letter backs out of the speed dial folder. I made a fresh install of Vivaldi, so needed to add back my speed dials.

  • @Sajadi:

    Some really annoying bug which is also present in that build - Guess they are in relation to that horrible Chromium 45 update… Please please, skip such bad Chromium versions which are bug ridden in general!!

    If pushing the Vivaldi task manager process background page Vivaldi/App: Vivaldi close to 120,000 K more and more after a longer time of heavy tab use, tabs i open get suddenly blank until all new opened tabs are blank only instead of the page loading!

    Work arounds are either to copy the url and manually paste it into a new tab, or changing https to http or http to https or close tab and open it with the trash bin function again.

    When opening a set of tabs and stacking them, reopening the browser forgets what tabs have been chosen the last session - means if i had for example in stack 2 tab 3 open and in stack 1 tab 1 - restarting Vivaldi opens totally different tabs from the stacks as i had activated at the time of browser closure.

    1. Force quitting a tab with the Vivaldi task manager and reloading that tab afterwards make it freeze... can not scroll, can not click anything inside

    2. Web Panels have a similar problem, when force quitting them with the Vivaldi task manager there is now no option to reload them anymore, have to restart the browser to get them going again.

    The "open in new tab loads the page, but the tab remains white" problem has been around for at least the last 2 versions now. You can also "duplicate" the tab to get one that works right, that's hold right mouse button down, then swipe down then up. (or maybe it's up then down)

  • Thanks for the new Snapshot release.
    So far the only thing I've noticed is that my speed dial links don't have thumbnails anymore and reloading them doesn't work either.

  • Moderator

    Broken thumbnails is a known issue. Developers are working on it.

  • Also please fix this omnibar piece of shit. type first word and press enter it completes the address bar with long urls. Please give us an option to disable auto complete inside the address bar. Also since the drop down is back dont forget to add a drop down button, also it also doesnt show typed urls in the list.

  • So much fun resizing :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:


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