Annoying Intermittent "Welcome" Splash Screen Issue

  • Occasionally, when I turn the computer on & start Vivaldi a "Welcome!" splash appears which totally covers the normal Vivaldi desktop including everything on the tab I'm using. The thing that makes this most irritating is that I've found no way to dismiss this screen without closing the tab I'm using & losing everything I was doing. Another aspect to this problem which makes it so bad is that this screen doesn't pop up until about 10 seconds after Vivaldi is loaded & I'm busy trying to do something, only to lose it when this happens. This first started several weeks ago & unfortunately I didn't record the date, version of Chromium & Vivaldi I was using then. It happened earlier today using this version: Vivaldi 2.9.1705.41 (Stable channel) (32-bit). Thanks in advance for any help with this.

  • Update: This screen hijacking problem hasn't reoccurred for some reason since I first reported it although it originally happened about 3 times since I upgraded to Vivaldi 2.9.1705.41. The last time it happened was just before I reported this when I was on the phone with someone & also trying to look for something on the computer (using Vivaldi) & my work got buried under this persistent "Welcome" splash screen. I'm puzzled as to why this hasn't happened to anyone else & also why this problem apparently disappeared since Vivaldi hasn't made any new browser updates. I'm hesitant to call this problem resolved but I hope it doesn't come back...

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